Search Sensitive Data through Metagoofil in Kali Linux Guide for Beginners

Overview of Metagofil Kali Linux

As per official website Metagoofil is an information gathering tool designed for extracting metadata of public documents (pdf,doc,xls,ppt,docx,pptx,xlsx) belonging to a target company.

Metagoofil will perform a search in Google to identify and download the documents to local disk and then will extract the metadata with different libraries like Hachoir, PdfMiner? and others. With the results it will generate a report with usernames, software versions and servers or machine names that will help Penetration testers in the information gathering phase.

Installation of Metagoofil Kali Linux

Metagoofil comes with pervious version of Kali Linux by default but Kali Linux dont have Metagoofil. So you will have to install it to search senstive data of any organization.

#apt-get update

#apt-get install metagoofil

install metagoofil on Kali Linux 2.0

Usages of Metagoofil

Usage: metagoofil options

-d: domain to search

-t: filetype to download (pdf,doc,xls,ppt,odp,ods,docx,xlsx,pptx)

-l: limit of results to search (default 200)

-h: work with documents in directory (use “yes” for local analysis)

-n: limit of files to download

-o: working directory (location to save downloaded files)

-f: output file

metagoofil usage

Metagoofil usage demo

Example : metagoofil -d -t doc,pdf -l 200 -n 50 -o /root/Desktop/metagoofil/ -f results.html

Metagoofil usage example demo

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