Google Hacking is Part of Open Web Information Gathering Guide

Learn best Google hacking tricks for hacker OR Penetration Tester

Hacker or Penetration tester uses Google search tricks called Google hacking tricks to gather information about the target by open web.

Are you really serious about “How to hack Google”. It doesnt mean you are going to hack google.

You are just going to manipulate google searches. In other words you can say use google search engine in smart ways.

Google Hacking is an Open Web Information Gathering Technique. Google Hacking Database is a best platform for getting new and latest ideas (google dorks) about smart google search.

Before starts engagement with the organization, it is important to browse the target’s website to gather the information which is available publicly.

In this step, you will be able to gather information like, contact information,  phone and fax numbers,  emails,  company structure,  geographical location, address, and so on. Sometimes it is a general task to provide you a piece of big information.

What is Google hacking?

The  Google  search  engine  is  a  security  auditor’ʹs  best  friend,  especially  when  it  comes  to   information  gathering

search camera by using operator

Enumerating with Google an Open Web Information Gathering

Google supports many search operators, which allow to security auditor to point on the particular search. For example, a “site” is a search operator that displays all related domains of the target. And decrease the number of search result related targets.

google hacking site microsoft

In this example, site operator search over 59 million results, related with Microsoft site it means all result contains we want to search of Microsoft’s subdomains use exclude site operator –site.

microsoft subdomain

It’s  easy to see how the many other search operators such as filetype, inurl, and  intitle15   can also be used to find information about a  target organization.

known hardware vulnerability 1

intitle:”netbotz appliance” “OK” -filetype:pdf

Find web command execution interface

Another example

find out the passwords

Google Hacking Database

The Google Hacking Database (GHDB) is a database of queries used by hackers to identify sensitive data on your website such as portal logon pages, logs with network security information, and so on. Although Google blocks some of the better known Google hacking queries, nothing stops a hacker from crawling your site and launching the Google Hacking Database queries directly onto the crawled content.

google hacking database

Open Web Information Gathering

ETHICAL HACKING – Information Gathering

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