Mastering Ettercap for Arp Poisoning: Strategies and Best Practices

Arp poisoning attack with ettercap tutorial in Kali Linux

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Ettercap Kali Linux 2.0

What is ARP?

ARP stands for Address Resolution Protocol It works on the network layer and used to resolve IP Address into a MAC Address (Physical Address).

When a new computer or device is connected in the network it broadcast its MAC Address over the TCP/IP network, then all the connected devices find the MAC address of the new machine and make the entry into the ARP table.

It also requests to obtain the MAC address and IP address of connected devices in the network by broadcasting and When it gets the reply from the connected devices with IP and MAC it creates an ARP table and makes the entry of IP address and MAC address of connected devices.

To see the available arp table in your PC run the following command in command line prompt

How to check the ARP table in Windows?

If you are using the Windows Operating system, It might be Windows XP, &, 8, or Windows 10. Just go and follow the given steps:

STEP 1: Open CMD (Command Prompt)

STEP 2: Run the command ‘arp -a’. You will get the result as in the following image. 

How to check arp table in Linux:

If you are using a Linux operating system like Ubuntu, CnetOS, Arch, Kali Linux, etc. Then you can check the arp table by using the following command

$arp -a

arp table on Attacker

This command will work both Linux and Window systems.

ARP Poisoning Attack:

ARP poisoning attack is type of attack in which an Attacker changes the MAC address on victim’s ARP table.

The attacker sends a request and reply with forged packets to the victim, the victim thinks these packets come from destination and can’t identify the forged packets and it makes entry of forged MAC into his ARP table.

As result victim sends packets to the attacker machine instead of real machine because Now Victim works according to its ARP table where destination MAC address is replaced by Attacker’s MAC.

Because of ARP poisoning attack.

ARP poisoning attack is very effective over the network, wired or wireless. With the help of this attack, the Attacker can steal very sensitive information like username, password, and credit card information.

2. ARP poisoning attack with Ettercap Tutorial

Ettercap is a comprehensive suite for man in the middle attacks. It features sniffing of live connections, content filtering on the fly and many other interesting tricks.

It supports active and passive dissection of many protocols and includes many features for network and host analysis.

Launch Ettercap In Kali Linux 2020.2

Step 1: Run Kali Linux

Step 2: Go to Application > Sniffing and Spoofing > Ettercap-graphical

Step 3: Once you click on ettercap-graphical, It will ask for sudo user password (current user password).

Because you are using kali Linux by normal user, If you login with root user, then you dont need to enter the password.

Otherwise enter current password and click authenticate button.

Step 4: Ettercap is open now but you need to perform basic setup. Mostly focus on tow options as below:

Sniffing at startup should be on
Primary Interface (For LAN select eth0 and wlan for wifi)

When the setting done click on “Accept Arrow (right tick)” as displayed in following image.

STEP 5: Click on 3 dot icon > Hosts > Scan for hosts.

This function will scan the whole network, where you are connected.

STEP 6: in the same menu Click on Hosts list for displaying scan result (available hosts in the network)

STEP 7: Add one hosts in target 1,

STEP 8: Add second host in target 2

STEP 9: Click on the global icon on the top right corner, then click on ARP poisoning option.

The ARP poisoning attack will start. Go and check for the attack.

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