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Anyone from College/Corporate

We all know that Wi-Fi is most used technology at homes/offices todays, it is secured by password and some time open. when you walk in coffee shops and malls, you'll  find lots of WiFi access point available without password protected, usually we connect with them without knowing risk. In another hand, if we talk about home Wifi then most of us have WiFi at home, but don't know about its security. Hackers can connect with your WiFi and not only steal your bandwidth and also steal your important information transmit  over network.

Keep in mind the security of wireless Network we are going to show demonstration on Wireless Hacking and Security in Workshop. I will teach participants how the can hack secure wireless network. We focus only on ethical work. So "learn as a hacker and use as Security Researcher" 

Who can participate

A person that loves technology

  1. The person that have zeal to learn some new things 
  2. Students that do study in B.Tech./M.Tech./BCA/MCA/B.Sc./M.Sc. or other technical courses.
  3. The person that use wireless network at office/home must know about the weakness, security and risk.
  4. The person that have ethics to use skill for creation not for destruction. 
  5. A non technical person that have passion to learn wireless hacking skills and improve it.
  6. The person who want to see himself secure in wireless network, must be attained. 


Wireless Security is main concern for a Companies/Organizations now days! Know How?

Training by Experts
Seminar and Workshops are delivered by experts have friendly behaviour with participants . You can ask anything any time
Live Demonstration
Most beautiful part is live demo, It will increase interest of participants to interact with trainer
Wireless Hacking and Security on Mobile
Hands On Practical
Participants can use own laptop or college lab's system to do practical with trainer to understand better.
On-Sight Training
We deliver workshops and seminars at your campus, which suitable for you


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  1.  What you should expect from this Workshop
  2. Standard of Wireless Security IEEE 802.11
  3. Types of Wireless Network Add-Hoc and Infrastructure
  4. Management Frames
    1. Beacon
    2. Authentication
    3. Association and Reassociation
    4. Response
    5. Disassociation and deauthentication
    6. Action frames
  5. Preparing Lab For attack
    1. Create Live DVD of Kali Linux
    2. Check working of Wireless Adapter
  1.  Wireless Security types (Open/WEP/WPS/WPA/WPA2)
  2. Usage of Airodum-ng tool
  3. Cracking WEP by using Aircrack-ng suits
    1. Aireplay Attack 0 : Deauthentication
    2. Aireplay Attack 1 : Fake Authentication
    3. Aireplay Attack 2 : Interactive packet Replay
    4. Aireplay Attack 3 : ARP request Replay Attack
    5. Aireplay Attack 4 : Koreok chopchop Attack
    6. Aireplay Attack 5 : Fragmentation Attack
    7. Aireplay Attack 9 : Injection Test
  4. Cracking WPS
  5. Cracking WPA/WPA2
  6. Other Wireless cracking tools in Kali Linux
  1. Associated with AP by Using cracked key
  2. What hackers can do with you after associating
  3. What is MITM and why you need it?
  4. What is ARP and ARP poisoning?
  5. Start MITM attack using Ettercap
  1. Interacting with Network
    1. Probe
    2. Authentication
    3. Association
    4. Encryption
  2. Enable the monitoring mode to see available network around us!
    1.  Uses of Airmon-ng
  3. Getting started with Aireplay-ng tool
  4. Discount all connecting clients for Access point by deauth attack.
  5. Find out Hidden Access point name.
  6. Create a Fake Access Point
  1. Get password and Data from Wireless network.
  1. What is the Secure Layer
  2. How hackers capture victim’s password from Secure Layer
  3. Hands on SSL strip attack.
  1. What is phishing or Cloning website.
  2. Trap victim for passwords.
  3. DNS spoofing and get passwords
  1. Tips to Secure wireless Network


Everyone, who has technical background or have interest to boos their career in IT Security.
Yes, You can organize workshop in your campus. You will get coordinator certificate too.
Anyone, Who has ability to gather students for workshop, and take responsibility to make workshop success.
We deliver workshops all over India
Hackers Pratibha provide opportunity 20 students Ethical hacking and Penetration Testing free every year.
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