Why Ethical Hacking Virtual Lab is important a guide for Beginner 2021


As you know ethical hacking is a very sensitive area.

When you join the ethical hacking class then You will have learned some advanced skills related to cybersecurity and finding the vulnerability, which is really good and appreciable but you can not practice these skills in the real world.

Because doing any type of activity, for example scanning, finding vulnerability, compromise system are illegal.

illegal activities will send you jail definitely.

If You use your skills to hack a system without the owner’s permission, you could send you jail. So hacking is a very sensitive field.

Every forward step should be very careful.

Problem: You will forget technical skills soon, which you have learned some time before if you will not practice these skills from time to time and every time.

But the question is still remains the same “How could you practice to sharpen your skills?”

Answer: Virtual Lab

Overview and Importance of Ethical hacking Virtual Lab (Video tutorial in Hindi with Explanation)


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