Digital Shiksha Scholarship Test


CCC and 3 Months Basic Computer Course


Dear Student,

Greeting from Cyrage Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.!

Cyrage Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd., Bijnor takes immense pleasure in announcing the “DIGITAL SHIKSHA SCHOLARSHIP TEST – 2018”. Students from class 10th and above can participate in Digital Shiksha Scholarship program.

Digital Siksha Scholarship test (2018) is being announced to provide scholarship assistance for deserving and meritorious students for Computer Training Program CCC and 3 Months Basic Computer Course.  Cyrage through DSS Test offers the platform for deserving students to becoming future IT professionals over the years. Scheme is valid till 15th July 2018.

What is in it for students?

  • Candidates can earn Rs. 750/- Scholarship through DSS Test.
  • Training Certification will be done by Cyrage Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • Obtaining Marks 80% +, Student would pay only 250/- month.
  • Obtaining Marks 70% +, Student would pay only 300/- month.
  • Obtaining Marks 60% +, Student would pay only 350/- month.
  • Obtaining Marks 50% +, Student would pay only 400/- month.
  • Obtaining Marks 40% +, Student would pay only 450/- month.
  • Obtaining Marks 40% -, Student would pay only 500/- month.
  • The total run time of the Exam is 45 minutes, multiple choices questions, answers to be recorded on to an   OMR sheet, It is an offline test. The question sheet along with answer sheets would be returned by the students after the Test.
  • We would bring he question/answer sheets with us. The results would be intimated to students within 10 days after exam.
  • This Discount will be applicable CCC and 3 Months Basic Computer Course only.


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