A Comprehensive Guide to SNMP Enumeration in Kali Linux: Using snmpwalk and snmpenum

SNMP Enumeration by Kali Linux

SNMP Enumeration Kali Linux by snmpwalk tool is a Free and best SNMP monitoring software tools based on Windows and Linux. SNMP tools are used to scan and monitor the SNMP network. I this article you will learn about commands. snmpenum tools for kali Linux also used to enumeration.

What is SNMP?

The Simple Network Management Protocol is used to manage and monitor hardware devices connected to a network. It is managed by network management software. To utilize SNMP in this fashion you need three distinct components:

  • Network Management System
  •  SNMP Agents: A Device that can communicate with each other by using SNMP protocol
  •  Managed devices

Management Information Base (MIB)

The managed devices record information and by use of the deployed agent communicates with the overarching Network Management System. This information is stored in a Management Information Base (MIB).

It is dangerous as it is a clear text protocol and as such could potentially provide valuable information to an attacker
You may have heard of Community Strings, the default are Public and Private. Should you be utilizing this in your domain, these should be changed as they are the first strings that an attacker will try to gain information about your network and more dangerously, control over your hardware.

SNMP Traps

Another term of the note is SNMP Traps, this is generally when a device has been configured to receive pre-configured alerts/ information from other clients. It uses UDP Port 161 to communicate.

What is SNMP Enumeration Kali?

It is a process of using SNMPwalk tool to enumerate user accounts and devices on a target system. SNMP has two passwords to access and configure the SNMP agent from the management station. The first is called a read community string. This password lets you view the configuration of the device or system. The second is called the read/write community string, it’s for changing or editing the configuration on the device.

By default read community string is public and read/write community string is private. If these passwords are not changed they can be used by an attacker to do SNMP enumeration Kali Linux as SNMP Manager. If the default password is not as above other default passwords can be found on

SNMP enumeration Kali Linux snmpwalk tool

Snmpenum and snmpwalk tool

MODULE 6:- Enumeration

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  2. SNMP Enumeration Kali by snmpwalk tool and snmpenum
  3. nbtscan and nmap “nbtstat -s” For SMB scanning

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