Exploring Network Live Systems: A Guide to Ping and Ping Sweep Scanning

Check Live host by Network Scanner

Live system means system should be Up and connected and reachable inside Network. If system is not connected in the network or down is called dead system. We have two method to check live system one is single system scanning another scan multiple systems at once.

Free IP scanner Network Utility Ping

Ping checks live system with the help of ICMP scanning. Ping scan sends ICMP ECHO request to a host. If the host is live, it will return an ICMP ECHO reply. No reply means host is dead. Sometimes firewall discards ICMP ECHO request so We cant identify host is live or dead.

Free IP scanner Network Utility Ping


Ping sweep ip scanner tools in network

Ping sweep is used to check live systems in network within rang of IP addresses. If  multiple hosts are connected in the network, to find out live hosts is a big challenge for Pen Tester. Ping Sweep is useful in this condition. In this scanning method Attacker sends ICMP requests to multiple Systems. If host is alive it will return ICMP reply.

Ping Sweep tools:

Ping sweep is performed by multiple tools for windows as well as for Linux.

fping a ping Linux program

fping a ping Linux program



Zenmap a GUI for Nmap

Zenmap is a free graphical interface for the very popular port scanner nmap comes with the 10 defferent scan type ping scan is one of them

sweep ping with zenmap



Other Ping Sweep Tools:

Angry IP Scanner,

Solarwinds Engineer’s Toolset,

Colasoft Ping tool,

PacketTrap MSP Ping Sweep,

Ping Scanner Pro,

Network Ping,

Ultra Ping pro

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