Best keylogger Windows 10 pc – Full guide for beginner

Best keylogger Windows 10 pc

Record keystrokes in Window 10

Want to record keystrokes are pressed by another person (USER)  in the absence of you. Or you are Manager and wanna see an activity done by an employee in your company or Want to watch over your Girlfriend/boyfriend’s activity on his computer. So just go my first post Keystroke logging with keystroke recorder and its types and then continue with this article.

Best Keylogger Windows 10

The recent release of Elite is the best Keylogger windows 10 and MAC. It is the latest version available for download it official website This version comes with the following features.

  • Capture username and passwords
  • Capture screenshots
  • Protect your loved (kids) from online
  • Read instant and messages and emails
  • Track applications and printouts
  • Record all visited website
  • 100% invisible keylogger
  • Multiple report delivery methods

Download Elite Keylogger for windows 10:

Download and install  keylogger from official website available for Windows and MAC OS X.

Install and use Elite Keylogger

To start installation wizard click on downloaded .exe file and check on I accept the terms of license and click Next:

This program will be 100% invisible so you need to check show instruction on hide the program

In next step create system restore point to protect any crash in future.

I never want to uninstall automatic select never and start install by clicking on install.

It will work like a virus so make whitelist for you antivirus.

Unhiding Elite Keylogger windows 10 PC

To unhide Elite Keylogger, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Press WIN+R, or launch Run dialog going to Start menu -> Run
  2. Type“unhide” (this is th default unhide keyword, you should change it in Main Options
  3. Do not press Enter, or click OK! Elite Keylogger tracks the sequence and will be unhidden automatically if the keyword is only typed.
  4. Type in your unhide password (if it is the first time you launch it, it will ask you to set the unhide password, type it in and go to Step 1)
  5. If the unhide password is correct, you will be granted the access to Elite Keylogger.


After you unhide Elite Keylogger, you need to generate logs for the date you are interested in to view them. Generating logs is really simple:

  1. Go to View logs in right sidebar
  2. Select the date you would like to view the logs for in the calendar.
  3. Press the “View logs for DD mmm” button to start logs generation.


As soon as you click on the view logs the keystrokes will display by default, or To view all recorded keystrokes, please, select Keystrokes log.

This will immediately bring you to the Keystrokes log which will be shown to the left. Keystrokes in the log are combined into series according to application and time they were recorded. This log also stores information about user and window caption where the keyboard activity took place. All records are timestamped for your convenience.

Second option at right sidebar is Screenshots, This will immediately bring you to the Screenshots log which will be shown to the left. Screenshots are captured according to the interval you specified in Main configuration. Log contains thumbnails to preview each screenshot, they are sorted by date in ascending order. Clicking on a preview zooms the recorded screenshot and shows it in actual size.


This will immediately bring you to the Internet Activity log which will be shown to the left


To view recorded applications history, please, select Applications history log, This will immediately bring you to the Applications log which will be shown to the left. Applications log contains detailed information on every application and process ever launched during the specified day.


To view all captured Clipboard activity, please, select Clipboard log, This will immediately bring you to the Clipboard log which will be shown to the left. Elite Keylogger comes with clipboard capturing feature. Oftentimes, passwords, access codes or URLs may be too long or too difficult to type in and users prefer copying and pasting.


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