How to Install Nessus on Kali Linux 2.0 step by step

How to Install Nessus on Kali Linux 2.0 step by step

MODULE 5:- Scanning Network and Vulnerability

  1. Introduction of port Scanning – Penetration testing
  2. TCP IP header flags list
  3. Examples of Network Scanning for Live Host by Kali Linux
  4. important nmap commands in Kali Linux with Example
  5. Techniques of Nmap port scanner – Scanning
  6. Nmap Timing Templates – You should know
  7. Nmap options for Firewall IDS evasion in Kali Linux
  8. commands to save Nmap output to file
  9. Nmap Scripts in Kali Linux
  10. 10 best open port checker Or Scanner
  11. 10 hping3 examples for scanning network in Kali Linux
  12. How to Install Nessus on Kali Linux 2.0 step by step
  13. Nessus scan policies and report Tutorial for beginner
  14. Nessus Vulnerability Scanner Tutorial For beginner

How to Install Nessus on Kali Linux 2.0

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We are studying of Penetration Testing Tutorial This article will cover how to downlad, install, activate and access web interface of Nessus on kali Linux. This post is origin  How to Install Nessus on Kali Linux 2.0 Move forward and start your tutorial. In previous post you have completed Nessus Vulnerability Scanner Tutorial If you did not read, please read it.

Step 1: Access activation code and Download Nessus for Kali Linux 2.0

Now as you know Nessus is pwerfull vulnerability scanner tool, And we are using kali linux for penetration testing. If you think, Is it not installed Kali Linux? Yes, Nessus is not inbuilt in Kali Linux so if you want to take test of Nessus just go on this link

download nessus for kali linux

And Fill the form and register yourself for activation. When you finished you will be redirect on Nessus downloading page. Click download button you will be there for downloading, just Click on Linux Menu will be open click on Debian option for Kali Linux. Agreement window will be appear, read terms and condition carefully and accept and save file

Step 2: Installation of Nessus on Kali Linux 2.0:

By default Nessus file is downloaded in the Download directory so first go inside the Download directory and run following command to install Nessus on Kali Linux.


#cd Downloads/

#dpkg -i Nessus_package.deb

And after complete installation run another command to start service.

#/etc/init.d/nessusd start

install nessus on kali lInux

Step 3: Accessing Web Interface of Nessus:

Nessus provide web interface for work, it can be accessed with Iceweasel browser by making https connection. Iceweasel browser does not have ssl certificate you will get untrusted connection error, you can resolve this error to add this site as exception. https://locatlhost:8834 or

access nessus web interface

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