How to get Ethical hacking Course free

Hello friends, This is an ethical hacking trainer Vijay Kumar, and my contact email address is

This email address is public and available to everyone. I have created an Ethical hacking course in Hindi in 2017. I am selling this course through a partner program with Cyrage Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. Ethical hacking course in Rs. 5999/-

I get a bunch of emails every day about to make this course public Free of cost. I think the same.

I had my youtube channel name Qhacker on youtube. It was banned due to hacking content.

When I will make an ethical hacking course free in Hindi for Everyone?

If you are one of them and have the same question as above, I will make the Ethical hacking course free in Hindi soon.

I have created a new youtube channel:

I have uploaded videos of Module 1 and Module 2 on Module 17. I have only 4 Subscribers on this channel.


I will Upload Videos of Module 3, 4,5 Once get 500 Subscriber on my youtube channel.

So Subscribe, Like and Comment, share on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And ask your friends to subscribe to this channel to Get Ethical Hacking Course free in Hindi

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