Ethical Hacking Tutorial – Learn Hacker’s Strategy

Ethical hacking tutorial Learn hackers strategy

Ethical Hacking Tutorial – Learn Hacker’s Strategy

We are providing “Ethical Hacking Tutorial” for those who want to start their career in Ethical hacking/IT security. Now days student can build their career in  Ethical hacking field because this is one of the well known platform for IT students. After completing the engineering in IT/CS students don’t where to move for career growth.

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Targeted audience for Ethical hacking Tutorial

We have designed a course as per industry demand, you can check out the course detail follows.

Targeted audience who want to see themselves as a Cyber Security Expert in future, and earning lots of money by hacking with legality. This course helpful for you if you are:

A technical students B.Sc. IT/CS, M.Sc. IT/CS, BCA, MCA, B.Tech, M.Tech

A Network Administrator/System Administrator/ Server Administrator and want to upgrade your skills. You’re most welcome.

An IT Head/IT manager, you must learn this course to protect your organization from cyber threats.

It’s open for all who want to learn new skills, your passion and dedication required for this course not your degree.

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Short description about course

Welcome to learn Hacker’s strategy – ethical hacking, I will provide here online hacking classes on, this ethical hacking course has been designed for beginners in cyber security. This course will cover 70% of CEH and 60-70% of Penetration testing. You will learn most strategy used by hackers like Password cracking, hash cracking, picking passwords from data travel over network, By pass login screen, WIFI password cracking (WEP/WPA/WPA2), DOS attack, creating Trojan, evading Trajan, Hijack session, Hijack computer, 10 methods are used by hackers for hacking social accounts etc.

This ethical hacking training is important for students and administrators as well.

  1. Fundamental of Hacking
    1. Overview of cybercrimes in India: This topic will cover different type’s cybercrimes and frauds, and victims who have faced a big lose by cyber-attacks. How they can protect themselves from hackers. How basic phone user can be effected by hacking etc.
    2. Overview of Hacking and Hackers: This topic will cover about basics of hacking, What is hacking, types of hacking and hackers, why hacking, importance of hacking etc.
    3. Highly paid career in Ethical hacking: Yes, you heard right you can stable your career in hacking by different -2 ways. I will explain in this video about those methods.
  2. Home based Hacking LAB setup
    1. Overview and Importance of LAB Setup: In this topic We will cover about why is lab important for students, what are the options for setup lab at home, What type of lab is required for students at initial stage.
    2. Download and install Vitrualbox on Windows OS: This topic will cover download virtual box from official website and install it on Windows Operating System for Virtual lab setup.
    3. Install Kali Linux on Virtualbox: Create your first Virtual machine for Lab, and install kali Linux as attacker machine, Download kali Linux from official website, Why 64/32 bit etc.
    4. Install metasploitable 2 Linux as Victim machine 1: Metasploitable 2 Linux is linux based pre-configured virtual machine with different -2 vulnerable services like FTP, SSH, Apache etc.
    5. Install Windows 10 on Virtual Box – Machine 2: This topic will cover download windows 10 and install on virtualbox
    6. Deep understanding about Virtual networking: In this topic we will cover about virtual networking and its types NAT, Bridge adapter, Host only adapter etc.  
  3. Information gathering
    1. Overview and Objective of Information Gathering: This video will cover what is information gathering, types of information gathering and what are objective behind information gathering
    2. Information gathering by using search engine: Search engine has very sensitive information about domain, site technology etc. I will tell what are other search engine used for gather information about domain expect Google.
    3. Information gathering by using social sites: How you can social sites like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, for gathering information about person or Company etc. Have a fun with social sites.
    4. Information gathering about Website: This topic will teach you how to gather information about website and from the website.
    5. Gather domain owner’s personal details Whois: Where is domain’s owner personal detail saved? What are the methods used to retrieve this information? And how to protect it.
    6. Information gathering about DNS and MAIL server: This topic will cover get ip address of domain’s server, mail server, and DNS server. And some other information about DNS and mail server.
    7. Collecting emails and gather information from emails: How to collect email address related domain name by using difference data source like Google, Bing, LinkedIn etc. Analyze the email’s source code and gather important information.
  4. Know more about your target – scanning and enumeration
    1. Overview of Network Scanning: What is network scanning and why is it important for a hacker or penetration tester.
    2. Scan Network for Live hosts: If hacker has reach to your network how will he get information about live hosts (on systems ). What are tools are used for scanning network for live hosts. And more ..
    3. Scan hosts in Network for open ports: If hacker find any system live his next step scan that system for open and close ports. What are ports and how they work etc will be covered in this topic.
    4. Different techniques are used against port scanning: Know more about tcp/ip communication flags. What are techniques are used by hackers for get information about open ports and existence of firewall and bypass firewall.
    5. Enumeration with nmap script engine: What are nmap scripts? How hacker can use these script to enumerate different services like ftp, smb ect. What are other tools can be used for enumeration.
    6. Detect service version and OS detail: Before start any type of attack against system hacker must know about running OS on that system. This topic will cover about methods are used for OS detection.
    7. Nmap – Scan result save in output file: After completing the scanning and enumeration and want to save the scan result in the files with different formats. You will learn these things in this topic.
  5. Google Hacking and Google Hacking Database
    1. Overview of Google Hacking: This topic will cover how Google works, Indexing methodology and How Google collect sensitive information (username and passwords) form Websites.
    2. Overview and use of Google Operators: What are the Google Operators, why hackers use these operators, what are they get from these operators etc.
    3. Overview of Google Hacking Database: What are Google dorks and where do hackers find latest Google dorks. What is Google Hacking Database, Who has developed it and why. And how hacker get sensitive information by using Google dorks
  6. Windows Hacking and Security
    1. Change windows OS password without current password: This topic will cover about password management, generally when we change the password we will have required current password. But hackers can change the password without current password.
    2. Change Windows Password By backdoor: Some features are added by Microsoft for user’s usability but hackers exploit these features and create a backdoor and by using this backdoor they can enter in your system.
    3. Bypass Windows Login screen: Some tools are allowed to hacker bypass user account login screen. No matter it is Administrator account or local account.
    4. Enable Syskey Password to protect User’s Account: Now we are going to lock SAM database so nobody can reach till login screen. Hacker must enter another password to reach login screen
    5. Dump Windows 10 password Hashes and crack it: What are password hashes and its encryption, How hashes are saved, How hacker get these hashes and crack it.
  7. Linux OS Security and Hacking
    1. Linux User and password management: This topic will cover different types of users and their permissions, and how to change the password and who can change the password etc.
    2. Change Linux user password in Single User mode: Single user mode a similar as safe mode in windows, System administrator used it to troubleshoot the problems. But hackers use it for evil purpose. I will explain everything in this video
    3. Implement Chattr attribute and protect password files: Explanation about chattr tool and its use. Change attribute of files responsible for change password. So password protection is possible. But hacker can still change password How????
    4. Protect grub boot loader in Linux: Hacker edit the grub bootloader and change the root user password, you will learn here how you can protect grub boot loader. So hacker will not able to change the password for root user.
    5. Remove Grub boot loader password protection: What is method used by hacker to remove protection of boot loader and again change the password. So what is now and how we can protect our password.
    6. Dump Linux hashes and crack it: Deep understanding about password files and password hashes. Dump hashes and unshadow it. Crack those hashes and get password in plain text.
  8. Password cracking techniques:
    1. Overview of Password cracking and Types: What is password cracking? What are methods used by hackers for cracking password. How can you protect yourself?
    2. Creating dictionary by using crunch: What is dictionary for users and password. Default password dictionary in Kali Linux. What is the use of dictionary, Hacker use crunch to create password dictionary by using different -2 methods.
    3. Creating dictionary using cwel: Cwel is used to create dictionary for password attack. It use website for fetching keywords. And these keywords are used as a password.
    4. Rule Based dictionary attack: Sometime hacker does not get right combination username and password from the dictionary so he set the rule for dictionary and create most advanced dictionary. You will learn these things from this tutorial.
    5. Cracking online services by dictionary attack: There are lots of online services required login credential username and password like FTP, SSH, TELNET etc. Hacker use dictionary attack to crack the password, you will learn about tools used by hackers.
    6. Zip password cracking with brute force attack: Learn about bruteforce attack and how does it work? How hacker can crack zip password. Let’s see.
    7. Collect username and password using key logger: Hackers are very clever they can install software in your computer which gather all your passwords. Not only passwords they will steal other credential like bank account no, cvv, etc.
  9. Protect your data from hacker’s EYE
    1. NTFS Data Stream in Action: How hacker hide script and executable files inside text and image files by using Alternate data stream.
    2. Detect Alternate Data stream: If hacker make a file malicious and send to you, how will you detect this type streaming inside a malicious file. I will share a tool which help you to detect ADS streaming.
    3. Overview of Steganography: What is steganography? What is methodology for hiding data inside another file? How hacker can retrieve hidden message etc.
    4. Steganograpy in Action quickstego: Quickstego is a tool used to hide and retrieve data inside images. You will learn practical of quickstego.
    5. Video 6 Steganograpy in Action – Omnihide: use another tool for hiding data inside video files. How to hide one video file in another video files.
    6. Overview of Encryption for protecting data: There is another way used by hacker to protect his data, it is encryption. What is encryption and how is it work. This video just for overview of Encryption.
    7. EFS in Action and Backup certificate: Use Encrypted file System to protect you data in windows OS but don’t forget to take backup of your certificate because this certificate to help you get back your data back at the time of disaster.
    8. Circumstances of losing EFS data and Recovery: What are circumstances for losing EFS data, if you have lost this data? How will you recover it back? By using key see live examples.
    9. Bit locker and Bit locker go in Action: There is another method in Windows OS default called Bit locker. Use bit locker for protecting drive with password. Even you can use bit locker Go for Pen drive.
    10. Overview and installation of Veracrypt: Install third party software Veracrypt in Windows/Linux/MAC. You have option to install on pen drive as well.
    11. Veracrypt in action: How to use Veracrypt to encrypt partition and read/write this partition etc.
  10. Trojan and Virus
    1. Overview of Trojan: Description about Trojan and working methodology and more
    2. Trojan Infection and Evading Techniques: Different methods are used by Trojan to infect machines and what are methods used by hackers for evading from Antivirus.
    3. Trojan Detection techniques: if your system is infected by Trojans how will you identify, what methods can be used to detect Trojan?
    4. Check open ports – cports: If the Trojan is in your computer then it will use any port to send connection for the hacker so check open port clearly.
    5. Check running processes processmonitor
    6. Check for registry – jv 16 registry
    7. Find untrusted drivers – driversview
    8. startup monitor
    9. Network activity netstat
    10. tcpview for checking network activity
    11. Countermeasure from Trojan: In this topic we will cover how to stop Trojan to reach in your computer.
  11. Honeypot – A trap for hacker:
    1. Overview and types of Honeypot: what is the honeypot? And how can cyber security researcher track activity of hackers? What are the types of honeypot and how to deploy them?
    2. Honeypot KFsensor in action: KFsensor low integration honey pot and provide fake information to the hacker. How to use it!
  12. Proxy server – Hide your self
    1. Overview of Proxy server: What is the proxy? How does hacker protect himself from tracking system?
    2. Types of Proxy Server: types of proxies and working methodology of different proxy servers. What are the proxy used in college and companies?
    3. Configure Proxy in Browsers: Use proxy in browser and surf internet anonymously and you will learn how hacker access blocked website.
    4. Bounce your IP like a Pro Hacker: Sometime you have seen in movies that hacker couldn’t be tracked because he was bouncing his IP address. And tracker find him in different countries in every minutes. You can do that easily.
    5. Elite Proxy Checker: Create an encrypted channel between source and destination.
  13. Network hacking and Security
    1. Basic understanding about network and devices: Understand basics about network and devices, what are devices used in Local area network and its working methodology. How devices are allowed hacker to hack into network.
    2. MAC flooding attack against switch in network: Hackers use MAC flooding attack and force switch to work as a hub and intercept data from network. Some they get very sensitive data by using this method.
    3. ARP spoofing attack in LAN: You know that person can make fool to another person and speak lie but in this section you will learn how hacker make fool to protocol (ARP) and tell lie to devices.
    4. Detect Arp spoofing attack on Windows: How do you identify, if your system in ARP spoofing attack. Single tool single click. Have a fun.
    5. MAC spoofing attack in windows and Linux: MAC spoofing attack is used to steal the identity of other devices. If hacker steal other device’s identity then he will able to steal the data as well.
    6. Sniffing get username and password from the network: When you enter the username and password for any online service or website, your data travel over network. Sniffing method allow hacker to get this username and password. Let’s see!
    7. DHCP starvation attack: DHCP server provide TCP/IP configuration to newly connect device in network. But target it and create fake DHCP server to provide malicious configuration to devices.
  14. Social Engineering
    1. Overview of Social Engineering: We will cover in this topic “what is social engineering? Impact of social engineering on organizations. What are cause for social engineering etc.?
    2. Types of Social Engineering: Types of social engineering
    3. Human based Social Engineering: Hacker interact with human directly and win their trust and relationship and after it they exploited this relationship and gather important information.
    4. Computer based social engineering: How hacker target the innocent people by using computer and steal there username and password and also install virus, Trojan and backdoor in their computer.
    5. Mobile based social engineering
  15. Hacking social sites (Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn)
    1. Reality behind hacking of social sites: Many person are looking how to hack facebook account, twitter account and other social sites account. So I am telling you what is the reality behind facebook hacking.
    2. Advance phishing attack against Facebook: Some hacker use advance phishing attack can’t identify easily. I will share two demos with you.
    3. Stealing saved password from browser: people are so lazy, they saved password for future use. But user provide a golden opportunity to the hacker so they will hack your account.
    4. Hijack the session of facebook: How has session been created between users and servers, what are those keys? And how hacker use these keys to replace his session with victim session. Hacker will be able to login with victim’s account without enter username and password.
  16. Awesome Framework for hacking – Metasploit
    1. Getting started with metasploit: Metasploit framework has been installed in Kali Linux default. So you don’t need to install metasploit on Kali. But you must know what are the services help to run metasploit and how?
    2. Component of Metasploit: Overview of metasploit’s component like exploite, payloads, auxiliary, encoder and nops and its work.
    3. Know about open ports and vulnerability on Remote host: Metasploit can be used to check open port and vulnerability on targeted machine. So it is useful framework.
    4. Authentication brute forcing against online services: We have learnt how to crack online service password by dictionary and brute force attack by using Hydra tool but here some auxiliary can be used for attacking against online services.
    5. Metasploit GUI Armitage: Similar as command line interface metasploit has Graphical interface as well so user experience will be better.
    6. Armitage One more Step: Armitage can be used for scanning victim machine for open ports and vulnerability and for exploitation as well.
    7. msfvenom create Trojan for windows: As we have discussed about Trojan now we can create Trojan for windows Operating system. We can control over system with the help of this Trojan.
    8. Client side attack Linux Trojan: Create Trojan for Linux operating system and wrap within game and send to victim when victim will install this game he will be hacked.
  17. Wifi Settings and hacking
    1. Enable WEP in WiFi Router: Use WEP encryption on your router so you can practice of cracking wifi.
    2. Cracking Wirerless Encryption WEP: For cracking wifi you must use Live Kali Linux pendrive and boot computer with it. You can’t crack wifi from virtual machine without using external wifi.
    3. Enable WPA in WiFi Router: Use WPA/WPA2 encryption on your wireless access point.
    4. Cracking WiFi WPA WPA2 encryption: Cracking WPA/WPA2 is not easy but hacker make it possible. They can crack WPA/WPA2 .

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