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Distance Learning Kit – Ethical Hacking

Course Benefits

Learn From Experts

Experienced Trainer from IT and CyberSecurity industry. 

Self Study from Home

Now learning center at home so, Start learning ethical hacking soon.

A LAB at Home

Setup Hacking LAB on single laptop, and start practicing.

100% Practical

With the help of Video Tutorials, you can perform all practicals.

Course Features


We provide 12 hrs. HD videos in DVD/Pendrive to learn hacking.


Pay one time and get Distance learning kit, take backup and use full life.


Toolkit is collection of software/tools and virtual machines.


When you will complete you course, I will take care of certification.

Ethical Hacking Distance Learning Kit includes

12 Hours HD Videos:

Video tutorials include recorded practical session and explanation (Like college class room), it helps students for understanding better. video instruction will help student go through practical sessions. 

Ethical hacking Toolkit:

Our Ethical Hacking toolkit is the collection of latest software used for setting lab at home and improve skills by exercise. It includes-

  1. Virtual LAB setup software 
  2. Pre-configured vulnerable virtual machines (1 Attacker + 1 Vulnerable Windows 10 + 1 Windows 7 + 1 Ubuntu 17.04 ).
  3. Hacking tools/Software for Windows System, So student perform attack by windows who are not perfect in Linux.
  4. Password cracking software and more ..
ethical hacking toolkit card

Ethical Hacking Study Guide:

Video tutorial is not enough to understand everything, Students always have requirement of books as well. Ethical hacking distance learning kit include on hard copy of a Book. 


When students will complete the tutorial then they need to perform practical without help of tutorial, Our Lab manual book will help students to perform all the practicals. 

lab manual - ethical hacking

Ethical Hacking Course Structure

Ethical Hacking Online Course

  • Overview of cybercrimes in India
  • Overview of Hacking and Hackers
  • Highly paid career in Ethical hacking
  • Overview and Importance of LAB Setup
  • Download and install Vitrualbox on Windows OS
  • Install Kali Linux on Virtualbox
  • Install metasploitable 2 Linux as Victim machine 1
  • Install Windows 10 on Virtual Box
  • Deep understanding about Virtual networking
  • Overview and Objective of Information Gathering
  • Information gathering by using search engine
  • Information gathering by using social sites
  • Information gathering about Website
  • Gather domain owner’s personal details Whois
  • Information gathering about DNS and MAIL server
  • Collecting emails and gather information from emails
  • Overview of Network Scanning
  • Scan Network for Live hosts
  • Scan hosts in Network for open ports
  • Different techniques are used against port scanning
  • Enumeration with nmap script engine
  • Detect service version and OS detail
  • Nmap – Scan result save in output file
  • Overview of Google Hacking:
  • Overview and use of Google Operators
  • Overview of Google Hacking Database:
  • Change windows OS password without current password
  • Change Windows Password By backdoor:
  • Bypass Windows Login screen:
  • Enable Syskey Password to protect User’s Account:
  • Dump Windows 10 password Hashes and crack it
  • Linux User and password management
  • Change Linux user password in Single User mode
  • Implement Chattr attribute and protect password files
  • Protect grub boot loader in Linux
  • Remove Grub boot loader password protection
  • Dump Linux hashes and crack it
  • Overview of Password cracking and Types
  • Creating dictionary by using crunch
  • Creating dictionary using cwel
  • Rule Based dictionary attack
  • Cracking online services by dictionary attack
  • Zip password cracking with brute force attack
  • Collect username and password using key logger
  • NTFS Data Stream in Action
  • Detect Alternate Data stream
  • Overview of Steganography
  • Steganograpy in Action quickstego
  • Steganograpy in Action – Omnihide
  • Overview of Encryption for protecting data
  • EFS in Action and Backup certificate
  • Circumstances of losing EFS data and Recovery
  • Bit locker and Bit locker go in Action
  • Overview and installation of Veracrypt
  • Veracrypt in action
  • Overview of Trojan
  • Trojan Infection and Evading Techniques
  • Trojan Detection techniques
    • Check open ports – cports
    • Check running processes processmonitor
    • Check for registry – jv 16 registry
    • Find untrusted drivers – driversview
    • startup monitor
    • Network activity netstat
    • tcpview for checking network activity
  • Countermeasure from Trojan
  • Overview and types of Honeypot
  • Honeypot KFsensor in action
  • Overview of Proxy server
  • Types of Proxy Server
  • Configure Proxy in Browsers
  • Bounce your IP like a Pro Hacker
  • Elite Proxy Checker
  • Basic understanding about network and devices
  • MAC flooding attack against switch in network
  • ARP spoofing attack in LAN
  • Detect Arp spoofing attack on Windows
  • MAC spoofing attack in windows and Linux
  • Sniffing get username and password from the network
  • DHCP starvation attack
  • Overview of Social Engineering
  • Types of Social Engineering
  • Human based Social Engineering
  • Computer based social engineering
  • Mobile based social engineering
  • Reality behind hacking of social sites:
  • Advance phishing attack against Facebook
  • Stealing saved password from browser
  • Hijack the session of facebook
  • Getting started with metasploit
  • Component of Metasploit
  • Know about open ports and vulnerability on Remote host
  • Authentication brute forcing against online services
  • Metasploit GUI Armitage
  • Armitage One more Step:
  • msfvenom create Trojan for windows
  • Client side attack Linux Trojan
  • Enable WEP in WiFi Router
  • Cracking Wirerless Encryption WEP
  • Enable WPA in WiFi Router
  • Cracking WiFi WPA WPA2 encryption

Who should attend?


Students, study in B.Tech./M.Tech./BCA/MCA/B.Sc./M.Sc. or other technical courses.


If you want to start career in IT and Cyber Security as Researcher/Penetration Tester, you can join.


If you are working professional in IT industry and looking for career growth, it will be helpful.


System/Server Administrator can join for learning new skills and improve status in company.


If you want to help government for fighting against cyber crime and fraud.


Get trained and protect your business data from getting hacked.


Protect yourself from being cheated in cyber world and help others at same.


If you dont have destructive nature, your welcome in hacking community. 


How to setup LAB for Ethical hacking on Single Computer

Checking open ports, username and password, share folders, complexity of passwords on Target machine.

Getting sensitive data from Google database by "Google Hacking Techniques" 

Hacking and security of Windows and Linux Systems.

What are techniques used by hackers for cracking password.

Protect your data by hiding and encryption.

How create Trojan and work.

How trap a hacker if he/she doing something wrong with your system.

Stealing username/password and other sensitive from network.

Hacking social sites (Facebook, twitter, Instagram, gmail etc.).

Learn about biggest exploit framework in world.

Crack wifi password (WEP/WPA/WPA2), Jam any wifi network.

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