Different Types of Hacking and Different Types of Hackers guide 2021


Hacking and hackers are well-known terminologies in the world nowadays. When people hear these words, they adopt a false imagination related to crime.

Even You say to someone ” You are a hacker”, They will treat you like a pocket picker. That is the biggest problem in this world nowadays.

It may possible You are looking at us (Hackers) as a criminal, but it is not true.

We are a hacker, not a criminal (Pocket picker). Hacker is a technology expert person

It is true, that some bad guys (Hackers) are doing criminal activity, but not all. Some hackers perform hacking for good reasons.

So before going to describe different types of hackers, I would like to share different types of hacking. Keep in mind hacking and hacker are not the same word. a hacker is a human and hacking is a process.

What is hacking?

Hacking is not the only term, But It is a long process including, reconnaissance, identifying vulnerability, getting access, maintaining access and removing tracking.

In simple words, hacking is finding the weakness in the system, application, software, website, etc. later exploit this weakness for gaining access or manipulating of unauthorized data.

Using a computer (digital) system is growing like a skyrocket every day. These digital devices are making human life easier and fast communication as well.

If you are using a digital device including a computer and mobile device, You can feel the comfort of those.

But you don’t know “How harmful these devices for you if these are hacked”

And It is possible if you do not have enough information about the hacking process and hacker’s mentality.

So if you have a digital device and digital media, you must know how to protect it from being hacked.

Different types of Hacking?

As I have told you already hacking is a process, and every process has multiple options Three types of hacking depend on testing methods.

  • Black hat hacking (Black Box testing)
  • White hat hacking (White box testing)
  • Grey hat hacking (Gray Box Testing)

Different types of Hackers?

There are three types of hackers are main:

  • Black hat hacker:
  • White hat hacker
  • grey hat hacker

Some other types of hackers exist in the world. You can find list below:

  • Newbie Hacker
  • Script kiddies
  • Professional hackers
  • Suicide Hacker
  • A Hacktivist
  • Phreaker
  • Social Media Hacker

If you can understand Hindi (Language) then the following video will be more helpful to understand the different types of hacking and different types of hackers

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