NTFS Alternate Data Streams, a Guide For Beginner 2021

ntfs alternate data streams

NTFS Alternate Data Streams in Window NTFS Alternate Data Streams in Window is a method where you can hide one file data into another file data. These is alternate data streams available only on the NTFS file system of window ¬†Scenario:¬† If you created a text file with the name firstfile.txt in notepad and write … Read more

nbtscan and nmap “nbtstat -s” For SMB scanning complete Guide

nbtscan and nmap nbtstat For SMB scanning

SMB network scans by nbtscan and nbtstat script in Nmap nbtscan and nbtstat are free to network scanning software it is finding out vulnerability after scanning network. it generates scanning files, contains the IP Address and other information on the NetBIOS block. it is amazing network scanning tools in kali Linux used for network security … Read more