Buy Domain Name and Hosting

We are a developer and we can develop a website for you free of cost as we committed. You will have to buy domain name and hosting

Three main factors are engaged to run a website online:

Domain Name:

A domain name is the name of your business website for online visibility.

For the example, is the domain name of Google company, There are lots of the domain names which represents its business online including, and more.

You will have to find a suitable domain name your business, It may be,, and more.

Doman name depends on the availability. You can buy a domain name on the lease for 1 year, 2,3 years and maximum 10 years.

You can pay one time for 10 years or you can renew domain name every year. You can’t pay one time for the domain name. you will have to pay every year to make domain name live.

If you have a low budget, then buy a domain name for one year first then renew every year.

You can buy a domain name by hosting providers including Godaddy bigrock chemicloud, fastcomet and more.

Best option buy the domain name along with web hosting.

Web Hosting

As you know the website is a collection of the multiple pages. when you visit the website you will see there is some menu available, each and every menu is connected with the web pages.

When you click on menu the next page will be delivered for you. Did you think ever “From where these pages are delivered?”

When you access the website it will be delivered to your web browser from the webserver. mean these pages have been hosted on the web server somewhere in the world.

The places where the website has been hosted called web hosting.

You cannot host your website on your local computer, because it will not be accessible worldwide through the internet.

In such condition, you need to buy some space for hosting a website on the webserver. You can buy it from the hosting providers.

We are not a hosting provider company, So we can’t provide you Webhosting.

But we can suggest you best Webhosting provider, which give you an optimized web server for better performance of the Website.

Disclaimer: We are a partner with a2hosting company, We develop website free if you will buy hosting service as per given instruction below

Buy Domain Name and Hosting from A2hosting

First, click here to go to a2hosting. Once on the page, click on the “Wordpress Hosting” menu link.

Select plan as per your budget.

Enter your desired domain name and then click on the check button this process bill check availability of domain name.

The regular price of a .com domain name is $14.95/year. If you will buy a domain name from another resource you will have to pay the same price.

Once the domain name is available, you will get congratulation message on the screen with your domain name Scroll down and click on continue:

Choose a billing cycle as per your budget if you have enough budget then you can buy a 36-month plan and it will be better for you because you will get a big discount.

Available billing cycle is 12, 24, and 36 months.

Scroll down and you will see lots of the option if need some extra services then you can check or uncheck them.

We are going to purchase WordPress optimized plan, So a2 hosting will install WordPress for you.

Note down the username and password will be found in the Last section of the page. We will need username and password for developing a website.

Then click on continue to process for the next step

DNS management and email forwarding are free for 1st year while ID protection is paid service. if you want to protect your personal information from being public, which you will provide at the time of the registration a domain name and hosting.

If you don’t want to buy ID protection service then simply uncheck and click on Continue button

Review the products and click on the checkout button

Please enter your personal details and billing information to checkout. And click on complete the order.

Website Designing and Development Free:

Once your order will be completed you will get the multiple emails from the A2 hosting company.

You will get the one email from Softaculous with the subject A2 Hosting:: Your WordPress – A2 Optimized installation details

Open this email and you will get the link for accessing the control panel of WordPress website. this link belongs to your website.

Click on it put the username and password what you have saved at the time of buying the services

What are the next steps:

Step 1: Send the Invoice generated after buying a hosting service.

Step 2: Instruction will send you on your Whatsapp Number/Email you have entered at the time of filling the registration form

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