World’s Fastest Charger charges your device in 30 seconds.

Israeli Firm claims to hit it home with the world’s fastest charger.

A newborn Israeli firm Storedot claims to develop a fast charging technique that accomplishes the said task in 30 seconds. Faster than it takes to rub one out….

Biological Semiconductor’s (the firm’s main focus) are the key ingredient of this wonder technology.

The prototype was revealed last year, is set to go on the market this year(Its December, WHY IT ain’t here yet?)

After the demonstration, the exact technology behind the “miracle-charger” it has been kept under wraps for all this time. But Storedot claims that it will eventually work on any gadget allowing even laptops to charge within minutes rather than hours. AWW HELL YES!

Storedot, the origins.

The firm the love child of nanotechnology department at Tel Aviv University and a versatile idea to change the world. The prototype charger was made for Samsung Galaxy s4. The first demonstration of the fastest charger took place at Microsoft’s Think Next conference in Tel Aviv.

“Smartphone chargers are too in the cards’ says StoreDot. the charger is to be released commercially in 2016

As mentioned earlier, StoreDot has been developing biological semiconductors made from organic compound called peptides. But what are peptides? Well, let’d dwell in some science and say they are naturally occuring short chains of amino acids which are building blocks of protein which inturn are the building blocks of the body. So that makes the Charger…healthy! I guess.

Let’s talk about the real meat of this thing, meaning MONEY!!

It is prophesied to cost double the normal charger. About $30, which is OK…with all the crap we load up in our bodies we need something healthy. It doesn’t matter if it comes in the form of the fastest charger.




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