Windows 7 Trick to shutdown PC (applies to every window BTW!!)

Remember the 1st time

Remember the 1st time you see a real cool thing your friend does with your computer that can be seen by others as a virus, and you want to learn it too because your friend seems soo smart at that time you wanna be like him. let’s make you better then him in the next section.

  • Shutting down by clicking an icon on the desktop

For this bad boy Right click on the desktop–> click new–> select Text Document and type

shutdown -s -t 45

This ’45’ is the number of seconds after which computer will shut down

For instant shutdown instead of 45 write 00.

Save as shutdown.bat and



         VOILA!! your bat file is created

Now for how to trick someone in clicking it. Create its shortcut–> hide the batch file—Rught click the shortcut and go                             to properties–> change the icon. Make sure you change the icon into something BADass like a maked girl or a game                                 or something. We guys dig this kinda shit. and BAAMM!! He clicked and the PC is closed.

  • Restarting the PC:

Same methodology but instead type

shutdown -s -f -t 000

and then apply the same stuff.


The first time I saw it, it felt  like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat, now I am as excited about it as I am for MONDAYS

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