What is Hacking? a complete guide for beginners

Module 1: – Overview of Hacking 

  1. What is Hacking?
  2. Why Hacking?
  3. Steps of Hacking?

What is Hacking exactly?

Ten years ago talk about penetration to a 12-year-old, what answer would you have gotten?

Hacking is trying to go through a wall whose door is not open, using drilling or hacking or beating your head to it in hopes that you don’t get hurt.

Now what about Hacking, to that even our answer was to see whether you can destroy the wall or not and the 12 yr olds didn’t know JACK SQUAT so they didn’t say anything.

Nowadays ask a 12 year old the same question. Those little demons have matured.

They would say that Hacking is trying to go through a  wall of security in the computer system and see if it breaks, the same way as beating the Wall Of Chine with a baseball bat if you are not well versed in Pen-Testing or a bulldozer if you know what you are doing……Well

I don’t think he is gonna say THIS!! This is a mouthful.

Most people are so superstitious that the term “Hacking” cause their attitude to go like…..    “∀∗™™¡∼†„”…….DID YOU UNDERSTAND ANY OF THAT??? Me neither.

They are sooo panicky in their pants towards the word hacking such that they think it literally means terrorist. I mean “GROW SOME BALLS”

Now Hacking was mostly used for destructive purposes. But it can also fix the system. take the Following scenario for example

Anita had a big issue with her system. She asked Sunita to help her out. Sunita is a computer software engineer She says OK….She logs on to her system from her own system remotely and fixes out the software issues and BAM Anita’s PC is fixed”

Now look closely at the above scenario. Under normal conditions, no one is allowed to even touch the PC remotely, but here what Sunita does is she fixes it remotely.

Now, technically this accessing the PC remotely thing is illegal and still is considered a taboo. But here life got a little bit easy for Anita as she got her PC fixed.

Most of the notions that drive people to take up pitchforks towards Ethical hacker or penetrators to you nice people is social media.

They have made us out to be such culprits. That’s not to say these sorts of Testers are good people…because they are not…really.

A Hacker can further exploit your dumb-asses can make some lives and completely destroy some.

They can bring down nations, start world war but those are other types of computer people.

GAWDD!! It would be so easy if I could actually use the word. Now Let’s discuss how many types of Pen-Testers are there?

Types of Hackers

Black Hat Hacker  – They are mostly freelancersHacker. Not bound by any rules. they can spread chaos but also have the utmost control over it.

The media have portrait Black Hats hackers as Rogues. Nowadays They are more acceptable then they were.

White Hat Hacker         They are ‘LEGAL’ hackers. They are actually the penetration testers that are mostly recruited by major corporations or government organizations.

Their job is to access the secure system, find the vulnerability, and then make a report of those vulnerabilities and find a way to tackle it.

And sometimes, catch bad guys if you have a good day and you are lucky.

Grey Hat Hacker  –  These guys are awesome. They walk the line between legal and illegal. They work for the government or any organization and at the same time freelance themselves too.

Suiciders Hacker –Then there are these guys…these guys are the ultimates. These quintessential nutjobs can be called pure good or pure evil. You see most of these guys are the most dangerous terrorist in the world…remember 9/11  “THAT WAS HACKING”.

They are not Ethical hackers they are a straight-up hacker and then destroyers.

Their life depends upon this act, and their last wish tends to be a weapon of ultimate destruction in the digital world.

In the Next blog I am going to discuss “Why Ethical Hacking??” and will share some hack basics with you.

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