VPN Speed Test Comparison in 2018

VPN Speed Test Comparison in 2018

5 Fastest VPNs in the world as per VPN Speed Test Comparison

5 fastest vpn in the world

VPN Speed Test Comparison in 2018

As per review of the biggest and most established website about VPNs, I found to 15 fastest VPNs after VPN Speed Test Comparison. So I decide to share those result with you, because everyone are looking for high speed VPNs.

Testing VPNs from home, office, via WiFi can’t give appropriate result and not trustable enough. One website name bestvpn.com has its own vpn speed testing methodology. Know more about methodology.

  • It is tested from four areas worldwide: the US, Australia, the UK, and Hong Kong.
  • It is tested from various locations across the VPN companies.
  • IT is average these out to give a speed score to each VPN.
  • It is tested for downloading the same amount of data in the same way across VPNs, so the measurement is scientific.

14 Fastest VPN in the world

Providers Average Speed Test Visit Site
ExpressVPN-Logo-320-80- 43.18 Mbit/s

40.32 Mbit/s

33.42 Mbit/s

31.6 Mbit/s

25.35 Mbit/s

24.72 Mbit/s


22.06 Mbit/s

20.55 Mbit/s

20.01 Mbit/s


19.99 Mbit/s

19.55 Mbit/s

17.15 Mbit/s

14.01 Mbit/s


9.86 Mbit/s

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