How to use VeraCrypt portable, Truecrypt replacement in windows 10

VeraCrypt portable, Truecrypt replacement in windows 10

Yeah, if you are very serious about the data protection and you have learnt before about encrypt files and folders by EFS and bitlocker windows 10 encryption, then you can use the third party software like VeraCrypt it can create a encrypted container encrypted drive partition and also encrypt the whole operating system.

This article will cover overview truecrypt replacement veracrypt, install veracrypt portable mode, create veracrypt container, mount/dismount veracrypt volume.

Truecrypt replacement, VeraCrypt

As you know VeraCrypt is truecrypt Replacement. It is a software has a feature of on the fly encrypted volume it means data is automatically encrypted right before saved into encrypted container. User don’t need to encrypt first then Save into the drive. All the files, folders and other data cannot be read or decrypt by another person without using the correct password. By this method entire file system will be encrypt, for example file names, folder names, free space, even meta data of files and folders.

Download VeraCrypt Portable for Windows operating system.

Download from Here

How to verify X. 509 signatures of VeraCrypt

Before start installation, it is recommended to verify signatures for originality. Some time hackers get into the server and change the original file. follow the steps to check for signatures.

Step 1: Download the VeraCrypt installation package, if you have not done it yet.

Step 2: Right-click on the downloaded file and click on the properties.

Step 3: Click on the other Digital Signatures tab.

Step 4: Select both IDRIX and IDRIX SARL and Click on Details.

Step 5: Click on the details and you will see the following statement is written there “this digital signature is ok

What is VeraCrypt portable mode

VeraCrypt Portable mode is the best option where the user can port VeraCrypt files from one place to another place in a portable media such as flash drive or Pendrive and he doesn’t need to install every time on the system. user can use VeraCrypt without installing it on the system.

So now you are free to use veracrypt every where, and on each system with its portable mode.

So you don’t have more tension to install it on every system.

Now you can encrypt data on your home device and decrypt at your office system with the help of veracrypt portable mode.

Install VeraCrypt Portable Mode:

Do you want to install the VeraCrypt in portable mode? 

If Yes then follow the given steps:

  1. Double click on downloaded VeraCrypt dot exe file and user access control will be prompt and ask for allow click on the yes.
  1. Check on the I accept and licence terms then click on the Next.
  1. Here is two option install and extract check on the Extract and click on the Next.
  1. The prompt will be open and it will show a note then click on Ok and again it will ask for the confirmation of extract the files so click on Yes.
  1. This is Extraction Options Browse location where you want to save extracted files and click on the extract.
  2. File has been successfully extracted now click on the finish and one folder will open contains all the files related VeraCrypt.

How to create and use VeraCrypt container by Using VeraCrypt portable.

  1. First download and install VeraCrypt if you have not done yet then open the folder consist VeraCrypt files and double click on veracrypt.exe file
  1. The main window of VeraCrypt will be open click on the create volume.
  1. VeraCrypt volume creation wizard will be a start select Create an encrypt file container and click on Next.
  1. In this step, you need to choose volume type where is standard veracrypt volume or hidden veracrypt volume. In this tutorial I am going to create a standard veracrypt volume and click on the Next.
  1. In this step you need to choose a location where do you want to say where are corrupt container so click on Select file.
  1. Browser location where you want to save the container and give the VeraCrypt container name and Save
  1. Now the volume location has been set so click on the Next.
  1. Here you can choose the Encryption Algorithm and hash algorithm as well if you’re not sure what to do then leave default setting and click next.
  1. Provide the volume size what you wish and click on next
  1. This is the most important step, here you have to choose a good password to protect your volume and read all the information written on the wizard window carefully, then click on the Next.
  1. Move your mouse as randomly as possible within the volume creation wizard until the randomness indicator become green then click on the format.
  1. After complete the formatting process the VeraCrypt volume has been successfully created then click on the ok in next popup Windows.
  1. If you don’t want to create another a volume at this time then click on the exit to come out VeraCrypt volume in creation wizard.
  1. In the next step we will Mount to the created volume so select any drive and click on Select File.
  1. Browse location of file you stored at time of creation data volume, and click on Open.
  1. Click on Mount.
  1. As you will click on Mount new window will come up and ask password. if you are authorized person Enter the password and click on OK. you will not be able to access this data without providing correct password.

  1. You can see drive has been mounted. Now you can use this drive under This PC.
  2. Dismount partition: By dismounting partition, it could not be opened by another person. You or other authorized person can mount and read data from this encrypted volume. Run VeraCrypt portable exe file and select mounted drive, which you want Dismount. 

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