Top five Features of Baidu Browser make internet surffing easier

top five features of Baidu Browser

Top five Features of Baidu Browser make internet surffing easier

Baidu Browser (earlier Spark Browser) is a blasting fast, free Web Browser with a natural interface and huge amounts of helpful in-built tools. It’s based on Chromium platform, which makes it fast, lightweight and adaptable. Baidu Browser features its own built-in torrent software, a media download tool for saving video and audio on your PC, mouse guesture, a feature pop-up player and more. It’s quick, fun, and best of all, free.

How to install Baidu Web browser on Window 8/8.1/10 PC

install baidu browser

User can download Baidu Web browser from official website free of cost here. Online as well offline installer available on official website of Baidu browser.

Top Features of Baidu browser

1.) Video Downloader:

User can download videos and audios direct from the browser in their PC. User can convert video to mp3 and then download in mp3 format. it is greate feature.

Video downloader inbuilt

2.) Video Pop-up Player:

Forget changing between tabs to discover what you were watching. With Baidu Browser, you can enjoy any video in its own particular pop-up window. Watching videos online has never been easier.

Video pop-up player in baidu Browser

3.) In-Built Torrent Software:

A great feature added in baidu browser is in-built torrent software. It make eiser to download torrent directly from web browser. There’s no need for any other torrent download tools anymore!

inbuilt utorrent software

4.) Mouse Geusture :

Mouse geusture is another amazing feature comes with baidu browser. Lots of activity happend with just swiping mouse with press right click, for example Go back, forward, open new tabs, refresh your page, scroll up & down, and more.

Mouse Guesture in baidu Browser

5.) Account Syncing

When user login with Google account, all bookmarks, history, plugings, and other settings transferd from Google Chrome to baidu browser. And same opposite when User log out, Baidu Browser will remain with its original settings

Account sync in baidu Browser


Top Five Feature of Baidu Browser Video :

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