Top Five feature on whats app protect your privacy

top five feature on whatsApp protect privacy

Top Five feature on whats app protect your privacy

WhatsApp is an awesome application. It is quick, simple to utilize and a helpful to stay in contact with peoples now that very nearly everybody uses it.
Be that as it may recently, WhatsApp has included various features that makes it a protection of privacy. On the off chance that you are not cautious, it is even simple to make sense of your day by day minute and movement from the data that is shown on your WhatsApp profile. Now and again, an individual doesn’t even need to talk with you. All he or she needs to stalk to you is your mobile number.
So how would you avoid the stalkers and weirdos or out and out aggravations? Indeed, there are some extremely basic steps:
1.) Block the Unwanted people:  Some people are irritating you by giving stalk, there is feature on whatsapp to block him. and you can unblock him later.
2.) Hide profile photo: This feature is more useful for girls as well as boys. you can hide your profile photo if you want nobody can identify you.

3.) Turn off last seen:  By this feature stalker can not identify when was you online at last time.

4.) Make status private:  this feature is used to make your status private means Unkown person cant see your status. The  only person who are in you contact list they can see your status.

5.) Turn off Blue Ticks : Great feature, added by whatsApp.

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