Top 7 tech news stories of 2015


The ending of 2015 has come. This year pushed everything to a new era, every tech into a new direction and every life to a new opportunity.
So, lets’ discuss in brief the Top 7 tech news stories of 2015

  • Vote on NetNeutrailty:

The legal ambiguity of the NetNuetrality came to an end when FCC finally voted in favor of Open-Internet-Order. This move effectively established rules against blocking, throttling, and fast              lane prioritization of the content delivery.

  • Windows 10

Skipping from 9 Microsoft announced Windows 10 as its last operating system. The operating system will get the update on a regular basis rather than a discreet higher version of it. What’s more is          that this is a universal operating system, meaning, whether you have a windows laptop or a windows phone or a windows PC, the operating system will be the same.

  • Crypto Wars part 2

In the wake of the revelations made by Edward Snowden, many giant tech conglomerates have started with the promises of notification to protect users privacy on the network. The                              Government, of course, is not happy with the decision. Because in their minds anyone can be a terrorist and democracy is supposed to be an illusion.

  • The rise of non-lethal Skynet(I hope)

2015 came with giant strides in the field of AI. From Googles’ search algorithm to Tesla’s automated cars, every tech is becoming more smarter. Microsoft brought the cloud-based learning to the Azure and just like Siri, Cortana to its Windows 10 platform. It’s not too much to say that we are at full throttle at the age of AI.

  • Facebooks’ becomes richer

August was an auspicious month for Facebook. It hit a milestone of 1 billion within 24 hours. This implies that one in every 7 humans was sharing, posting and liking on facebook.

  • Social Network safe harbor no more
    Facebook found itself facing the challenge of the European authorities with concerns over privacy. The shock came in October 2015, when European Union invalidated the long EU-US safe       harbor agreement. Safe harbor agreement came in 2000, where the US self-certified that they would comply with the European Privacy Standard.
  • The year of Apple

All in all, this was Apples’ banner year. With the release of the New Apple watch and The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. They dominated the tech industry.

And now, a very prosperous and happy new year to y’all


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