Top 10 tools for hacking wirelessly that should protect yourself from.

MODULE 14:- WiFi Hacking and Security

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802-11ac-hackingGather around tech folks or up n coming tech gods. Today we shall talk about TOP 10 TOOLS FOR HACKING WIRELESSLY 

First of, let’s start with what is wireless. Wireless is anything  that doesn’t have or need a wire. What?? You thought the were getting a long convoluted explanation of the radio waves that are involved, that you need the knowledge of WEP and WAP before even digging into the meat of wireless hacking. At this day n age where technology governs all, the gullibility of people is also on the rise, which in turn gives rise to select few culprits sticking their dingles in other peoples’ systems and giving it a virus. So now the only way we have, the only solution is to know about these things beforehand. A great man ones said”To fight thy enemy you have to know thy enemy“…or something.

Let’s start first with some key abbreviations

  • WEP:  Wired Equivalent Privacy
  • WPA:  Wi-Fi Protected Access

The above to are the basic security protocols for Wifi-Lan. WEP is the earlier one, it is one weak ass protocol that can be hacked within minutes. So now we got WPA, an evolved and more secure version. To hack this protocol below are the hacking tools used and these tools are used wirelessly so.

  • AirCrack: One of the most popular hacking tools, AirCrack can be used for WEP and WPA cracking. They way it works is it captures packets of data transmission first, then when enough packets are gathered, password cracking begins. It follows the basic rule of”the more the merrier” meaning, the more packets, the successful the hack.
  • AirSnort: Used for decrypting WEP protocol, AirSnort is a free tool. This tool comes with Linux and windows. Don’t wonder why it’s free. It’s free because WEP protocols as said, are not strong enough. Works in the same way as AirCrack.
  • Cain n Able: Popular for password cracking,this tool intercepts data transmission and tries to deduce password using brute-force attack. In other words, domestic violence against the system security is involved.
  • Kismet: This is a personal one. Most of the websites use A-kismet to keep themselves secure from this tool. Kismet is a sniffer or to be more exact a network sniffer. it goes around collecting packets passively to deduce what type of network the packets belong to.
  • Netstumbler: For its namesake, let’s say that this tool is one of those street pickpockets that “accidentally stumble” on you and then grab your purse and leave. Netstumbler is a popular windows tool to find open wireless access points. Its’ used to detect network configurations and unauthorized access to networks. The good thing  for you about this system is that it’s easily detected.
  • inSSIDer : The most popular open source software on the internet. its job is to find open Wifi access points, tracking the GPS log, and the signal strength of Wifi.
  • AirJack : This tool injects fabricated packets into the network. It is used by the hackers to do a DDoS(Denial Of Service) attack.
  • WepAttack : An open source Linux tool. This tool uses an open dictionary attack , comparing the key with a million keys in its dictionary to find a working one.
  • OmniPeek : Its a workable packet sniffer and network analyzer tool. A commercial tool, it is used exclusively for windows and used to capture Wifi traffic and further analyze it.
  • CloudCracker : With a huge dictionary of 300 million keys, the CloudCracker is used to hack into WAP protected wifi networks.

Everything has good and evil. Above tools, whereas are used for Hacking wirelessly, are also used by penetration testers to do a security check on client networks. Wireless cracking is not as difficult for the masses as it used to be. So now a call to action is needed to be made to help secure your network and your future.

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