Top 10 android apps for visually impaired

android apps for visually impaired

Android apps for visually impaired

We all saw Matt Murdock using an Android phone. it has android apps for visually impaired pre installed. The world is on the rise with this tech, the blind should too. So here today, we are going to discuss the apps that can help the visually stunted.

  • Scanlife Barcode and QR Reader

Reading embedded strings from the QR codes are the new cool. this apps helps a visually impaired to just take the picture of the QR Code and the embedded function inside the code does its own magic. This is not exclusively helpful to a visually stunted per se, but it’s damn well helpful,

  • Talkback 

Initiated as a part of Google’s Accessibility service, talkback is exclusive to help the blind and the visually impaired. Much like the Jaws in the Nokia phones, Talkback audibly informs the user about the option they just selected. To enable this after installing, one just needs to go to Settings–>Accessibility–>Enable talkback .

  • IDEAL Accessibility Installer

Designed to be a complete package of Googles’ Accessibility Program , the IDEA Accessibility Installer is also known as the Platform Access Installer. It contains apps packages that are helpful to the people with disabilities. The applications found in this adds Audio, gestural and vibration feedback responses to the android phone to help the visually impaired.

  • Magnify

This app is particularly useful for people with relatively inadequate vision(people like me). This app essentially turns your phone into a well made magnifier. this magnifier in turn will help read the miniscule writings of a very good book, or helpful you see the terms and conditions of an insurance policy that they mostly try to brush  under the table.

  • Font installer Root

The large screen of the android phones appear to be relatively miniature when trying to read from it. For that Font Installer is boon. Font installer allows for the root acces s for the phone regarding font change, These font change in turn will improve the readability of the phone.

  • MessagEase Keyboard

Used for ultra fast typing, this app is useful for both tech addicts and visually impaired. With large visible letters, no need for autocorrect and straight forwardness this app is a gold in the world of android apps.

  • Classic Text to Speech

Classic text to speak Engine is particularly accessible to the blind as it had 40 male/femal voices in 25 languages to enable reading of text , ebooks and other stuff. It makes the navigation easy for the blind.

  • WalkyTalky


Navigation is the most brutal problem faced by the visually stunted. So WalkyTalky came into existense. Developed by the Eyes Free project WalkyTalky is a navigational tool that speaks out landmarks or vibrate s the obstacles as it comes on the road. This in tuen makes getting around town easy for the visually challenged. Some will still prefer a walking stick though. Because it may be good but noe perfect.

  • Ultra Magnifier

An advanced version of the Magnify app, Ultra magnifier helps the challenged by turning the smartphone into an ultiamate magnifying glass. Protip: Keep the phone 10 cm’s away from the the reading material to get the most out of the app.

  • NoLED

An application that help not only the visually challenged but also with phones that have no dedicated LED, NoLED displays costum dots for notifications regarding respective functions of the phone i.e for  message , ext messages, voice messages, missed calls, Google Talk notifications, charging activities, calendar events, emails, and notifications from third-party apps.


So there you go fols the toip 10 android apps for visually impaired. Comment below if you got more of these apps

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