The first JavaScript powered RansomWare Ransom32

Ransomware: What is it?

Let’s go by the wiki definition with this one. The meaning is simple enough, the RansomWare infects the system and holds it for ransom. By infecting here, it means that the malware operators disable one particular(mostly crucial) function in the system and will only enable it back if the victim system’s owner pays up. Its traversal across the system is like trojan, that means, it will look like a legit file.

Introducing a new RansomWare for the new year: Ransom32

Morever, its the world’s first javaScript powered ransomware. This badboy is capable of infecting Windows, linux and Mac. Its quick and easily accessible to even a lay user. This is available for free download. To use it, one only has to have a bitcoin address.

The first instant of the new Ransom32 was found by the guys at Emsisoft. They found that the new ransom malware is using the NW.js(JavaScript) platform to do its deed. The malware infiltrates as a winrar  archive and encrypts the victims’ files with 128bit AES encryption. Now, an AES encryption is a symmertrical encryption algorithm. Symmetrical Encryption is the oldest encryption method, used since the ancient Rome, a place where stones contained spirits and werewolves walked among…wolves. However, the technique is a pain in the arse. Its as simple as shifting an alphabet by a number of places and as complex as to shifting the entire lines.

What is Nw.js?

Its a app development JavaScript platform that allows a lot more interaction with the central Operating system, much like the C++ and the Delphi.

“Hiding behond the guise of legitimacy, malwares created through NW.js can infect aacross platforms”

How to keep your system safe?

They are the simple everyday for every security for every platform dos and donts of the internet

  • Always form backups of important stuff
  • Run the Anivirus everytime
  • Spam unknown email attachments
  • Internet is a vast and treacherous place, browse safe




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