How to Enable or Activate GOD Mode in Window 10


What is windows GOD mode?

The latest release of Microsoft’s windows is Window 10 has lots of  features. If you are previous user of Windows then you may aware with a trick call god mode. Yes this is a short-cut essentially unlock a feature to access 260+ settings on single folder. god mode is known as ‘Windows master control panel shortcut’ .

How to enable God mode in Windows 10?

Follow the steps to enable god mode in window 10.

  1. Create a new folder on Desktop of other desired location and save with name GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} 
  2. Folder icon will be changed as control panel icon.
  3. You can change GodMode in any name.
  4. Now open folder and access 260+ function

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How to set google as default search engine in Mifrosoft Edge

How to make Google my default search engine in Window 10

How do I set Google as my default search engine

Set Google as default search engine so that any time you search, your results will come from Google. If you any words on browser’s address bar , search by Google without open Google home page. Check following resources for information about changing search settings in Microsoft Edge , Window 10.

Make Google as default search Engine :

  • Run Microsoft Edge
  • Select More actions (…) and then settings in the upper right corner.
  • Scroll down to “Advanced settings,” select View Advanced settings.
  • Scroll down to “Search address bar with,” open the list, and select <Add new>.
  • Select > Add as default.

For Other Browser Check here


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How to Create a System Restore Point

How to Create a System Restore Point

Restore point in windows

Creating a system restore point in Operating System is a way to protect system from unfortunately crashes. restore point is pin of stored state of computer,s system files you can use restore point to store your earlier computer system, it is affect newer installed applications and drivers.

Create restore point in windows

  • Go to properties of This PC.
  • Click on Advance System settings on left sidebar
  • Tap or Click on System Protection tab on Upper side
  • Click on Create tab for Create new restore point
  • Give Restore point name and click create

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how to change default internet web browser in Window 10

How to change default internet web browser

Default internet web browser in Window 10

Microsoft Edge is an inbuilt app in window 10, it is web browser used to brows web sites. And it is default web browser in window 10 if you make different browser you default like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc, links would not automatically open in Microsoft Edge. If you don’t want to use Microsoft edge as default browser change it as per your choice.

How do I change default internet web browser

  • Go to the Settings.
  • Tap or Click on System.
  • Go to Default apps.
  • Click on Microsoft Edge in Web browser section in the right sidebar.
  • Chose browser


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Microsoft edge Spartan browser in Window 10

Microsoft edge sprtan browser in window 10

Microsoft added a new browser in Window 10 called edge. previously known as Spartan. In this articles we will cover what is features of edge Microsoft. If you are looking to download and install Microsoft Edge it is not simple and you cant use it on Window 7, 8, or other. It is only for Window 10 and comes insider.
Microsoft Edge is built to give you a better web experience with the help of available feature. All features are described in video so Please see full video.


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Top 5 tips use after install upgrade window 10

Windows 10 Wallpaper HD

The greatest release by Microsoft is Window 10, and free available to upgrade from window 7, 8, 8.1. It means if you are using window 7 or higher, you can install or upgrade for free. Window 10 will be use old install key, you don’t require key to install. It is necessary to know what should you do after install or upgrade window 10.

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Enable System Administrator built in Account by Net user command

Microsoft Window XP, 7, 8, 10 has a hidden administrator account called System administrator built in account. Many or People are asking how to delete system administrator built in account.  There are no option available to delete this built in account you can enable or disable this account for Microsoft window security purpose. Net user command a powerful command is used to enable or disable. Over all one another method exist to complete this process.

Here is Video Tutorial for Window 10



Microsoft window 10 access data and spy you | Stop it

Microsoft window 10 can spy you and access your location. Online, Data, internet, browser privacy at risk you can edit or change privacy settings. It is against privacy statement and law to access location without user information. How you can stop Microsoft from getting your data, location and IP address without your permission.

Here is the Video tutorial: