Smiley’s to crash your friends’ WhatsApp.

Before we begin about everyone’s favourite communication app “WhatsApp!” , think about this “How many supermodels does it take to change a lightbulb?” Your answers may vary. Now think about “how many smiley’s does it take to crash WhatsApp?” NOPE, its’ 4000. All its gonna take you to mess with your friends’ app is 4000 smiley’s. Not especially … Read more

Hoax bomb Threat causes German behörde to seize Encrypted Email Servers

A hoax bomb threat gave the school kids in Los Angeles a free holiday and across the pond, German authorities have now snatched an encrypted email server. How are the 2 related? Well, the server of the anonymous email provider service was the one thought to have sent the hoax email regarding the bomb threat to the United States that … Read more

Top 10 insecure programming languages

New research shows that scripting languages cause web vulnerabilities To this news, I was like.WHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAttt?? But it is true. A new research showed that scripting languages, in general, spawn security vulnerabilities regarding web applications. Now this got many on the web their panties got all twisted. As millions are websites are now under potential security … Read more

Its all shamelessness with Kazakhstan internet backdoor

So here is a news, Kazakhstan forcing the people to do things they don’t want to do! Like anything other then complete rational thinking can be expected from a completely rational , brimming with democracy and a FOR THE PEOPLE  government! Well the thing is…the country is not any of these things! All the sarcasm … Read more