fstab Mount nfs Filesystem and Unmount in Linux [Step by Step Tutorial]

Configure systems to mount file systems at boot by Universally Unique ID (UUID) or label

  fstab Mount nfs Filesystem in Linux In the last video we have learnt to create and remove PV (physical Volumes) and LV (Logical Volumes ) and In this video i am going to cover how to Configure systems in fstab Mount nfs Filesystem by using UUID or label. This type mounting is permanent mounting … Read more

Create and configure set GID directories for collaboration

18 Create and configure set-GID directories for collaboration

  Create and configure set GID directories for collaboration Hello friends! It’s my pleasure to see you again on my blog! In this video, I am going to share you about directories for collaboration with help of set gid. you will learn about how to create and configure set gid. set gid affects both files and … Read more

How to Change root user password in Linux redhat CentOS 7

22 Change passwords and adjust password aging for local user accounts

  How to Change root user password in Linux – Change root password in Redhat, change root password in CentOS 7 Linux, How to change user password in Linux, How to change root user password in Linux, the user password is playing important role in Linux system security. A password is a basic and important … Read more

Install and uninstall packages by rpm command in linux

24 Configure a system to use an existing LDAP directory service for user and group information

  RPM command in Linux for Install packages and update software packages. rpm command in Linux is used to install and uninstall rpm packages and update them. You can also check the status of the installed package. Today’s topics are the following: How to install, update and remove rpm packages Check the status of installed … Read more

Yum add, list, update, disable and remove repo – Manage repositories

29 How to configure a local repository

How to Manage repositories yum repolist, yum add repo, yum update repo, yum repo, yum remove repo, yum list repos, yum disable repo, yum update repo and other commands are used for manage repository.   Linux tutorial for Beginners – Deploy, Configure and maintain System Install and update software packages by using rpm command Install … Read more