Top 5 hidden spy apps for android and Iphone

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Top 5 hidden spy apps for android

This article is awesome because I am going to describe here about the cheating. Hahahah, Yes you have heard right because today we are going to discuss about terrible truth about cheating.
This is the fact, trust is going down and the cheating is increasing day by day. Many company’s employees are trying to  cheat owner, parents are being cheated by children, and boyfriend is cheating girlfriend, And boyfriend is being cheated by girlfriend.
Can you trust me?
Cheating has been increased side by side growth of Technology, Today we have the mobile, tablet, computer for stepping ahead with Technology.  but sometime these devices or not only for the right purpose also used for the cheating. so I am going to discuss about What are the hidden spy apps for android and Iphone can be used to monitor Cheaters? in this article.

Who are the cheaters and who could be cheated?


Cheating is a harmful disease mostly exist in people, Here are some relations could be exploited.

Company owner and company employee

Many company owners are cheated by their own employees , For example: employees are sending the data out of company by using the mobile phone or computer. but the mobile and computer devices are necessary and important to use in a organisation, in this case the owner cannot Ban these devices in the company area. so if you are such type of victim ( company owner) and want to monitor your employees. then you can use the Spy Apps for Android phone.


Parents and children

We can say childrens are Not in the list of cheaters but the teenagers or miss guided by some criminals mind people and used wrong way to grow their life. such type of victim are required to be guided in right way. and the only parents can do that. but without knowing about the root cause parents cannot take any action. So here are some spy apps for Android Which helps parents show monitor their children.


Girlfriend/wife and boyfriend/husband

As per human thought Most exploited relation is girlfriend and boyfriend, some time they have the misunderstanding between them and it starts spoiling their relationship. This type of the misunderstanding increased so high the victim commit for the suicide. so if you think that your boyfriend or girlfriend cheating you, its better to use spy apps for android for monitoring his/her.


Top 5 hidden spy apps for android phone and Iphone

iKeyMonitor Mobile Spy KeyloggerSpy

Platform: Android/Iphone
Price : $49.99/month

Features of Spymaster Pro:

  • Call Recording
  • SMS & iMessages
  • Password & Keylogger
  • WhatsApp
  • WeChat
  • Automatic Screenshots
  • Website Visited
  • GPS Tracking
  • Total 30 features

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Spy master pro

Platform: Android/Iphone
Price : $6.66/month

Features of Spymaster Pro:

  • Snapchat Tracking
  • Instagram tracking
  • SMS Tracking
  • GPS Location tracking
  • Calls Tracking
  • Email Tracking
  • Whatsapp tracking
  • Facebook Tracking
  • Photo Tracking
  • Phonebook and Callendra access


Easy SPY

Platform: Android/Iphone
Price : $29.99/month

Features of Easy SPY

  • Text Messages – OLD, DELETED & NEW!
  • GPS Location
  • iMessages*
  • Live Control Panel
  • Remote Camera
  • Call Log
  • URL(Website) Log*
  • Photos & Video Log
  • Social Networking Logs*
  • E-Mail Log*
  • Contacts
  • Remote Uninstall


Surepoint Spy

Platform: Android/Iphone
Price : $69.99/month

Features of Surepoint spy

  • SMS & Text Message
  • Monitor Social Media
  • GPS Tracking
  • Monitor & Record Email
  • Call Log
  • Access to Contacts
  • Browser History
  • Remote Camera
  • Real-time Control Panel
  • Easily Uninstall


Highster Mobile

Platform: Android/Iphone
Price : $29.99/month

Features of Highster Mobile 

  • SMS Text Messages
  • GPS Location
  • Live Control Panel
  • iMessages
  • Photo & Video Log
  • Call Logs
  • Browser History
  • Social Networking Logs
  • Stealth Camera


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