10 steps for Setting Up metasploitable 2 VM – guide

10 steps for Setting Up metasploitable 2 VM – guide


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  4. 10 steps for Setting Up metasploitable 2 VM – guide


The Metasploit community Rapid7 has pre-programed a computer that has a number of vulnerability. Metasploitable2 VM is great Virtual Machine to start computer security training, but it’s not recommended as base System. Metasploitable2 provides many opportunity to the researcher to learn Penetration Testing with the Metasploit Framework. It is a virtual machine that comes pre-built, so it is easy to install.

Setting Up metasploitable 2 VM – guide

Go on the following link to download metasploitable2. http://sourceforge.net/projects/metasploitable/files/Metasploitable2/

Metasploitable2 01

Click the New button to create a Virtual Machine

  1. Fill the Name of virtual machine Metasploitable2 and set Type: Linux. Set the Version: Ubuntu, and click the Next button to proceed.
    Metasploitable2 1
    Metasploitable2 2
  2. Minimize the Wizard and Extract the downloaded virtual machine Metasploitable2.zip into C:/users/UserName/VirtualBox VMs/Metasploitable2. Now come back to the VirtualBox Wizard.
  3. Set the memory size 512 MB, it is enough for Metasploitable2. Click the Next button to continue.
    Metasploitable2 3
  4. Select radio button on “Use and existing virtual hard drive file”, Click on the folder icon at right side and select C:/users/UserName/VirtualBox VMs/Metasploitable2/Metasploitable.vmdk file. Click on the Create button to continue. The Virtual machine of Victim has been created but don’t launch machine at this point, Some setting are needed.
    Metasploitable2 4
  5. Select the Virtual machine, and then click on the Setting button. Click on General from the left menu. Then select advanced Tab.
    Metasploitable2 5
    Set the Shared Clipboard setting to: Bidirectional, and Drag’n’Drop setting to: Bidirectional
    Metasploitable2 6
    Select the Network button on the left menu and change Attached to: Host-only Adapter. Click Ok button to save the changes.
    Metasploitable2 7

Select the Metasploitable2 machine and Click to Start button
Log into Metasploitable2 the default user name and Password:
Username: msfadmin
Password: msfadmin
Metasploitable2 8
After log into the machine Check the ip address that was assigned to Metasploitable2 machine.
Metaspoitable2 9

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