Create a Virtual Machine For Kali Linux on VirtualBox

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To keep everything in a virtualized lab, It is a great idea to create a Virtual Machine can run Kali Linux. The steps below describe to setup Virtual machine to run Kali Linux as a Live Boot.

  1. Open VirtualBox and Click in the New button
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  2. Give name for new virtual machine. Set the type to: Linux, and set the version: Debian or Debian 64 as per System architecture. Click the next button to proceed to next step.
  3. Set the RAM size to at least 2 GB, but 4GB is recommended, more is better. Click the Next button to continue.
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  4. Select the “Create a virtual hard drive now” option, and click on “Create” button to proceed for creating a Virtual hard Drive.
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  5. Select Virtual Machine Disk (VMDK) option and click Next to proceed
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  6. Select the Fixed size option and click the next button.
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  7. Default hard drive size is enough for live disc, however, If you want to install Kali Linux on VirtualBox, set the hard drive size to 40 GB, and click the Create button to continue.
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  8. Select the Kali Linux machine the click on the settings button, Select General button for left side navigate bar. Select Advance tab, Set the shared Clipboard: bidirectional and Drag n Drop: bidirectional.
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  9. Select to Storage, Click on the Controller: IDE “CD” icon, Check on Live CD/DVD checkbox, Navigate to the ISO file of Kali Linux
  10. Select to Network menu and change the Attached to: Host-only Adapter.
  11.  Click OK to save changes.

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