Mastering Social Engineering with the SET: A Comprehensive Guide login

MODULE 10:- Social Engineering 

  1. Go Online SET Social Engineering Toolkit in Kali Linux
  2. How to protect yourself from hackers on Facebook

Mostly SET Social Engineering toolkit is widely used for hacking Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social sites by creating fake (Phishing Page). but generally this kit has been developed for social engineering attack. Social engineering toolkit exist in Kali Linux by default.
I saw many people created a phishing page for Facebook hacking by using SET within 5 minutes.

Problem: their page is working only on Local Area Network, If they send this link to the victim through email, chat or other method. The page is not working there.

Those guys read online somewhere “how to hack Facebook account by using Kali Linux”, but they don’t know actual scenario behind it.

But no problem at all, If you are one of them. I will solve your problem and at the end of this article you will be able to make your server accessible on WAN (Wide Area Network). You here because you want to learn more and more. And I never disappointed you.

So Go ahead and read more about SET Social Engineering toolkit.

I have already written article about access your local server on WAN. but I don’t know you have read or not. Here is the link How to ssh port forwarding in router – full guide 

So Create a phishing page by using Social Engineering toolkit and forward port to make accessibility of page on WAN.

If you think It is complected and not able to setup all these things then continue reading .. I will describe another easy method for you.

Setup Online to local machine Forwarding for SET Social Engineering Toolkit in Kali Linux

You will follow the given steps to setup  forwarding.

  1. Go on and click on Sign Up
  2. Fill your detail and register.
  3. Download ngrok zip file, choose appropriate architecture as per your system (64bit/32bit). otherwise you will face problem.
  4. Extract the files
  5. Run terminal and reach at location you have extracted ngrok file.
  6. After sign up on you will get two commands written there. Execute both commands in sequence.
  7. Start SET Social Engineering toolkit

    Select 1 > 2 > 3 > 2 options after starting toolkit and hit enter after pressing each key.
  8. It will ask for IP Address, Copy forwarding link generated by ngrok and paste here.
  9. Give the website name you want to create phishing page.
  10. Send link to victim and wait for logging him/her
  11. After Login

I hope you like this article if you have any question comment in box.


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7 thoughts on “Mastering Social Engineering with the SET: A Comprehensive Guide

  1. Hi I have done everything and what I can see is that it works but only in Kali and not on target pc. when I SET I copy and past the link I got from ngrok and pasted it in the SET tool when it asked for the ip address for POST back. then I send the link generated by SET tool to the target but when I test it it doesnt work.

    When I test it in Kali it works?

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