How to use Metasploit for vulnerability scanning

Vulnerability Scanning with Metasploit in Kali Linux

MODULE 13:- Metasploit Framework

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  3. 6 Techniques to analyze the vulnerability scan report in Metasploit
  4. How to use Metasploit for vulnerability scanning
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  6. Creating Persistent Backdoor By Metasploit in Kali Linux
  7. Creating Trojan Horse (Encoded)By Using Msfpayload

Vulnerability Scanning with Metasploit in Kali Linux

If you want learn about each component of vulnerability scanning, you will have to learn and follow each and every steps given follow.

Step First: Creating New Project

Inside metasploit community a default project exist already, If Pentester want to create another project they can according their requirements. To create a new project just click on “New project” button and fill all required field. then click on the create project.

Create a new project in metasploit

metasploit create project

To start scanning a host or system, select the “Scan…” button from the Discovery section. The “Target Settings” segment has the same info structure for entering hosts, groups of hosts, or runs much the same as NMAP and Nessus. A Security analyzer can enter a single IP address, with or without the CIDR documentation, rundown a group of hosts, for example,, or enter a whole range, for example, All other individual IP addresses, gatherings, or systems should be placed in the “Target locations” box on consequent lines.

Start scan process by metasploit

Security Testers need to be natural of specific fields inside the “Advanced Target Settings” which will show up in the wake of clicking on the “Advanced Target Settings” button in the center point of the page.

Excluded Addresses:

Any IP address in this block will be nullified from being scanned. While on mission, a security analyzer would like to waste cycles scanning themselves or their partners; targets just please. Make sure to place the IP address of the ambush machine and any partner’s address in this box. Moreover, a mission’s ROE may catch certain creation or touchy has that ought not to be examined. Make sure to avoid anything within the focusing on reach, however not in play.

metasploit advance target settings

Perform Initial Port scan:

If this is the first time when that a host or system has been scanned leave this box checked. Remove the checkmark for ensuing scans to guarantee time is not squandered.

Custom NMAP Arguments:

Obscure ports, IDS avoidance, and other events including custom NSE modules need to be run. A security analyzer can define the individual switches here.

Additional TCP Ports:

When Metasploit’s uncover sweep commences, extremely normal ports are targeted on. On the off chance that throughout the recon stage, a security analyzer ran across a dark port running a requisition; it could be included here without the use of switches. Case in point, 2013,2600,31337.

Exclude TCP Ports:

ROE may permit Bond to focus on specific people for data, yet be obliged to withhold from asking certain questions. Additionally, if the analyzer is functioning as a group, port assignments can be separated up to accelerate the filtering methodology. In the same way that in the recent past, rundown the ports that need to be prohibited without the NMAP switch. For instance, 2013,2600,31337.

Custom TCP Port Range:

Especially with groups, separating port assignments can mitigate the here and there challenging errand of checking for vulnerabilities. Detail port extents with a hyphen (-) between the most minimal what’s more highest ports. For Example (1-1024).

Custom TCP Source Port:

Indicating an alternate source port might be valuable in bypassing security controls and access control records on firewalls.

The mission is to scan the Metasploitable2 virtual machine. Enter the IP address in the “Target addresses” box. At that point click on the “Launch Scan” button. Depending upon the peed of the analyzer’s machine and system state, this procedure may take a bit of time. While, Metasploit is exceptionally productive, there is an extraordinary measure of techniques that will be running.

metasploit scanning complete

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