Router Password Cracker Tool – Hydra in Kali Linux Full Guide

how to use Router password cracker tool hydra

Hydra – A Router Password Cracker Tool

Password! password!! password!!
Password is a common security nowadays, you will find implemented everywhere, if you want to log in to your account (Facebook Twitter LinkedIn etc), you will have to enter the correct username and password. There are other online services which are required a username and password for getting connected for example FTP, ssh, Telnet, etc. Password is a very common security widely used for securing data and accounts all over the world.

“forgotten password is the biggest problem for the users”

But sometimes this password is creating trouble for users themselves because In a long time, the user does not use his correct credential for accessing services he will forget soon due to human tendency. I will tell you about a router password cracker tool that helps you to recover the router password.

So this time an authorized user is feeling hopeless to access their services/account. I know the owner of the service provides an alternative way to recover your account but sometimes the user doesn’t have such type of facility. so I am writing this article for those who Forget it username and password of the router’s admin panel.

how to use Router password cracker tool hydra

What router password I am talking about?

There are lots of routers available in the market and have the different-different security layers. Every security layer of security is protected by a password. and mostly such types of routers are used in big organizations. but I am not talking about those routers I am talking about the simple router which is used in the home and small offices. Maybe you are using such a type of router for Wi-Fi connectivity and accessibility.

Yeah, you got the right thing. All the settings have been done by the administrator. but Sometimes you need to change the configuration of the router for example you want to change the Wi-Fi password, Mac filtering, etc. In this case, you have to access the router’s configuration page over HTTP.

For accessing the router’s admin panel over the HTTP you will have to enter the correct username and password. Then you can change such type of configuration. You will access the router in the browser you will have to enter the default gateway IP address. if you don’t know about the default gateway IP address then. you can check by running the following commands in CMD.

check default gateway by ipconfig

ipconfig | findstr /i “Gateway”

If you are using Kali Linux then you can run the following commands forgetting the default gateway
#route -n


Now you have the IP address of the router and you can access the admin panel why entering this IP address in the browser,

The biggest problem is starting from here because it will ask for the username and password if you have forgotten your credential then you will not be able to access the router configuration page. so for getting know the correct username and password, you can use the Router password cracker tool Hydra.

Router password cracker tool – Hydra

Hydra is just not only used for cracking router passwords it will also help to crack other online services authentication. are you should follow the given steps.

Run Hydra-gtk Graphical User Interface:

  • Applications > Password Attacks > Online Attacks > Hydra-gtk 
    Here you will find the Hydra is ready for cracking router password but to before start the attack you will have to make a some changes in configuration tabsopen-hydra-gtk

Configure Tab target:

  • First, check on the single target and give the IP address of the default gateway ( router’s IP address)
  • In a port option give port number 80
  • In the protocol option give http-get


Configure Password tab:

First thing you will have to enter the username, are mostly we don’t know the username but you will find the username written on the back side of your router sometimes maybe the admin, administrator, etc. I have found my username is admin. So I have entered the user name as admin
In the password section check on the password list and click over the blank space then the new window will pop up there you will have to provide the location of the word list or dictionary. I am using here the default dictionary in a Kali Linux named rockyou.txt. Click over blank space and go to a flying location Filesystem> usr > share > wordlists > rockyou.txt
Check all three

  • Try login as a password
  • Try empty password
  • Try reversed login


Start TAB

Click on start

start attack


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