Rejoice! LG Nexus 5X price dropped by 7000 Rs. on Amazon India



Nexus 5X price dropped by 7000

Google LG Nexus 5X, launched in October this year is already dropped its price like a desperate harlot by about 7000 Rs. in India.

The phone that is coming two variations and retailed for Rs.31990 for a 16 GB version and Rs.35990 for a 32 GB version, have dropped its price of the peak significantly. A Rs.7000 decrease in the 16 GB version and a Rs. 3500 drop in the 32 GB version. Consequently, the cost of the  16 GB and 32GB models are now are Rs.24990 and Rs.32439 respectively(some messed up there math here.).

When the phones were released in october, the pricing was defended by google along with the pricing of Nexus 6P with argument that they provide top tier experience. Come ON google! Don’t be assholes like those Apple guys! The plastic body phone maybe charming but the low spec sheets of the phones pummeled their prices down like a hammer barely a month after their release. And plastic is not seen as an chick magnet by some new users. So for the Nexus lovers, they are more likely to wait for Huawei nexus 6P. How do you spell Huawei again…?

Let’s now talk about Nexus 5X’s specs. It features 5.2 inches LCD screen with 1920×1080 display, 3.14 Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon(its a processor BTW!), 12.5 Megapixels camera and 5MP front camera and 2GB LDDR3 RAM. Sounds like a steel but it still can’t beat Nokia 1100

I wished the price had a little more dropped. With Micromax and other not-much-trusted companies are stepping up their game with cheaper phones with more features, Google really needs to step it up. and drop the price about ……….OVER 9000!


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