Penetration Testing Tools in Kali Linux

Penetration Testing Tools in Kali Linux

Many companies are providing Penetration testing services and developing own it security audit and testing tools. Those tools are helpful to perform pentesting. Here I used Pentesting actually Pentesting, pen testing, and pentest are belongs to penetration testing, and some time pen test. Many institute are provide training and certification of Penetration testing. And the person who completed these online or offline courses, become certified Penetration Tester. And pen tester used lots of tools in netwrok, Website security audit. In this article I am going to give you an overview of these tools

Penetration Testing Software

Kali Linux is a Linux Distribution used for Penetration Testing and Security auditing, It is customized by adding more than 400 tools. These tools is categorized in multiple groups which can be seen inside Kali Linux drop down menu under Application menu available on top-left corner of Kali Linux.

Information Gathering: Online Penetration Testing

In this group all the tools are Reconnaissance tools used to gather information and Data from target machine, devices, and network. These are able to find the open ports, running services, Operating system, and more on the target machine. To find used protocol from the identifying device is very useful for Penetration Tester.

information gathering tools in kali linux

Vulnerability Analysis:

Tools from this group focus on evaluating target system for Vulnerabilities. These tools is run against systems found using the Information Gathering Reconnaissance tools. These tools are used to find vulnerabilities for exploitation and prepare a platform for exploitation.

Vulnerability assessment in kali linux

Web Applications: Web Penetration Testing

Tools from in this section used to find and exploit vulnerabilities in Web Server, Web site, and Web Application. Many of tools we discussed in the Web Penetration Testing category. However Web Application section do not always refer lunch attacks against web servers, they may be web-based tools for networking services is useful for Web Penetration testing. For Example, Web proxies are available in this section.

Web applications in kali LInux

Password Attacks: Network and Physical Penetration Testing

This group of tools simply make deal with brute force or the offline computation of password. Identify, Find, and crack the hashes is main motive of this section. Some tools from this section is used for online attack and some for offline attack.

Password Attacks tools in Kali Linux

Wireless Attacks:

This section of tools used to exploit vulnerabilities for wireless protocols. 802.11 tool are found under this section, including tools for example aircrack, airmon, and wireless password cracking tools. The additional tools in this section are related with RFID and Bluetooth vulnerabilities as well. Some tools used to put wireless adapter on promiscuous mode.

Password Attacks tools in Kali Linux

Exploitation Tools:

These are tools used to exploit vulnerabilities discovered in system. These vulnerabilities is discovered during the Vulnerability Assessment of a target. In this group lot of tools and also some exploitation framework. Framework is the combination of multiple tools and scripts.

Exploitaion tools in Kali Linux


Sniffing and spoofing: Network Security Penetration Testing tools

These tools are used for capture, manipulate, and craft network packets. In some cases some tools are used for spoofing MAC, IP Address and Web sites.

sniffing and spoofing


Maintaining Access:

Keeping up Access tools are utilized once a decent footing is built into a target Network or system. It is regular to discover compromised systems having multiple snares over to the attacker to give option courses in the occasion a vulnerability that is utilized by the attacker is discovered and remediated.

Maintaining access

Reverse Engineering: Software Testing Tools

These tools are utilized to disable an executable what’s more debug programs and applications. The reason for reverse engineering is breaking down how a system was produced so it might be duplicated, changed, or lead to improvement of different programs. Reverse Engineering is likewise utilized for malware investigation to figure out what an executable does or via scientists to endeavor to discover vulnerabilities in programming applications.

Reverse Engineering

Stress Testing: Network testing tools

Stress Testing tools are utilized to assess the amount information a system can deal with. Undesired results could be gotten from over-burdening systems, for example, creating a gadget controlling system communication to open all communication channels or a framework closing down (otherwise called a DOS attack ).

Stress Testing tools in Kali Linux

Hardware Hacking:

in this section tools are used for controlling small electronic devices such as mobiles. Available tools are related with android which classified as mobile, and Ardunio tools.

Hardware Hacking

Forensics :

Tools are this section is used for monitor, analyze computers, network traffics and programs etc.

Forensics tools in Kali Linux

Reporting Tools:

These tools are used to send information to the targeted organization found during the Penetration Testing.

Reporting tools in kali linux

System Services:

This is the place where Kali services can be disabled and enabled. Services for example BeEF, Dardis, HTTP, Metasploit, MYSQL, and SSH.

System Services in Kali Linux

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