Optic hacking or hacking through eyes

NO !NO! Its not some cool ass Adam Jensen microchip eye, but a rather creepy hacking way that you may go through all day in the cyber cafe…and that rhymes!

What is Visual hacking?

Visual Hacking or i would like to say quaintly Optic Hacking is one of the major security threat on a system. Its like social engineering without being social, but being creepy. Let me give you an example. You are in the cyber cafe doing your own thing, minding your own business. Then someone just walks in and is looking at your screen. In addition to this being creepy and disturbing, what you don’t observe that this seemingly harmless(but creepy nonetheless) act is compromising your digital data. Who knows what you might be doing in your computer. Well, the guy looking at your system other then you now do. That data can be really damning. THAT my un-observing friends is part of a hacking. And this threat is more dangerous then you realize.

With 90% success rate, this Optic hacking/visual hacking is sure a threat you must not ignore. And I am not just making this up! The genius intellects of HP thing the same thing.  So you can either do THIS

in a public place or you hide your screen just like you hide your paper while examination.

“With the increasing usage of computer in open places., Collecting confidential information through optic hacking is a major security risk” said a genius at HP. AWW Hell! Is nothing sacred anymore.

Competition leads to focus and focus leads to carelessness, carelessness leads to loss. that’s kinda the today scenario, the more focused you are the more unattentive you are to the outside world. Laptop users are suffering from the same scenario and hence there data is at the risk of compromise on a daily basis. As research show, optic hacking has a very high success rate of 90%. Hp has taken steps for this. With their creation of privacy screens they plan to curb stomp this visual hacking scenario. Optic hacking still sounds cooler.

But will be the screen worth it? Will the screens that are suppose to avoid optic hacking will be good for our optics.


What do YOU think about this Optic Hacking? Or visual hacking. tell us in the comment section

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