How to use netdiscover command in Kali Linux Full guide for Beginner

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Netdiscover is an ultimate scanning tools used to get the internal IP address and MAC address of live hosts in the network. Netdiscover is preinstalled tool in Kali Linux, if you are using Kali Linux then you dont need to install netdiscover. No doubt nmap is best tool for scanning network but Netdiscover is also good tool for finding Internal IP address and MAC address. So this tool is continuously exit on Kali Linux repository, before it was in backtrack repository as well.

Start Netdiscover in Kali Linux

Netdiscover is a very attractive tool for discovering hosts on wired or wireless network. It can be used in both active and passive mode.
Inactive Mode it send requests to hosts for getting information but in otherhand it is working in silent mode called passive mode or listening mode. To start and check for available options in netdiscover run following command.

#netdiscover –help

lots of switches can be used with different manners for getting desired result. Nediscover work only in internal network so you must know network you are connecting. use following command to check the IP Address:


So My network is and network device is eth0. -r for range of network. So I used following sytax to get result.

#netdiscover -i eth0 -r

When you hit enter the result will display on the screen.

So If you have any question please leave the comment. And one more thing happy hunting!

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  1. I can’t see anything else other than my router using this system. I have tried this through kali linux running in Oracle VM. Is there any contingency requirements for the router to allow scanning?

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