Misconfigured Database exposes 191 million US voters

This just in, the misconfigured database  puts the Voters’ personal Info for the naked display

The exposed stuff includes

  • Voters’ Full names
  • Voters’ Addresses
  • Voters’ ID number
  • Phone Number

Chris Vickery discovered this fatal flaw on December 20th. Now Chris is a white hat hacker, you know, the good kind. He was able to access 191 million PII(Personal Identifying Information). Information, that was just sitting for all the people to see.

The same researcher who found the flaw in the McKeeper 2 weeks ago. And thus, accessed to 13 million user info. Chris is surely on an exposing roll. Now this shocking revelation regarding the misconfigured database was found by him too. He got really creeped when his own voter information, was on the display like a fake butt of Kardashian. The only difference is HERE, his condition was undesirable.

The leaked info amounts to 300 GIGABYTES:

The whole 300 Gb of info is in Vickery’s hands. the info includes

  • Voters’ Full names
  • Voters’ Addresses
  • Voters’ ID number(unique)
  • Phone Number
  • Voters’ ID number (state)
  • Gender(Like someone can’t figure it out by name…………well at this age, NO)
  • Date of expulsion from the uterus(DOB)
  • Political affiliation
  • Voting history since  2000
  • Voter prediction score

This was not the only info he found. the police officers in his city got their info for the public seeing to.

No responsibility of the database taken…OOOH WHAT A SHOCKER!

In a classic case of denial, no one is taking the responsibility for the blunder of a database. Databases.net, Vickery and the CSO contacted the various police-tech groups and came up with diddly squat.

All is not hopeless yet, as the FBI was contacted. Now we shall see that how long the public display of private information carries.

I knew that NSA wanna keep tabs on the Americans, but, at least, don’t show others?




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