SysAdmin: Minimal install CentOS on Virtualbox

2 Minimal installation of Centos 7

Linux tutorial for Beginners – LAB Setup

  1. Download CentOS
  2. Minimal Installation on VirtualBox

Minimal install CentOS  on Virtualbox Step by Step

Hello friends in last post SysAdmin- Download CentOS ISO image for free you found how you can download centos 7 ISO image. In this post SysAdmin: Minimal install CentOS  on Virtualbox I will show you how you can perform the minimal install  CentOS  on virtualbox.

You need to complete following tasks to complete installation

  1. Install virtualbox on Windows machine
  2. Create a virtual machine for centos 7 operating system
  3. Then install the centos 7 on virtual machine

Video Tutorial Minimal installation of CentOS 7 on Virtualbox

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