Manual SQL Injection By The Help of Firebug

sql-injection part 1

Mutillidae: Manual SQL Injection By The Help of Firebug

Web Penetration Testing: Part 3

What is SQL Injection?

SQL Injection is a technique used to data by Web page or data driven applications. This is done by using SQL statement or SQL command in an entry field of the website. It is a vulnerability inside the web application which allow attacker to run SQL command to the database. The vulnerability happens when user input incorrectly string and SQL statement executed unexpectedly. SQL Injection most probably attack vector for the website, can be used to attack any SQL database.

Pre-Requisite Lab:

  1. How to configure mutillidae in Fedora
  2. How to install Kali Linux on Virtual Box.
  3. How to install Firebug

Work On Victim Machine (Fedora 20)

  1. Run the Virtual Machine
  2. Open the Terminal.
  3. Check the IP Address
    This IP Address will be used by attack to access Mutillidae. In mine case it is In your case may be changed.

Work On Attacker Machine (Kali Linux 1.0.7)

  1. Run the Virtual Machine of Kali Linux.
  2. Open Terminal and check the IP Address by using following command in terminal.
    Check the connectivity with Victim Machine (Fedora 20)
    #ping [Ip_Address]
    In Mine Case:
    Check IP Address and connectivity
  3. Open the IceWeasel Web Browser and type in Address Bar
    http://[Victime _IP_Address]/mutillidae

In Mine case its.
access mutillidae Page

SQL Injection on Username Field

  1. Click on the Login/Register Menu in mutillidae.
    Enter the single quote(‘) in the username Text Box, and click on the login button
    After you click on the Login button, an error massage will be displayed
    Single quote test for sql injection
  2. Analyze Result
    A single quote (‘) is a reserved SQL character that breaks the SQL query by placing in the Username text box.
    SELECT * FROM accounts WHERE username=’’’ AND password=’’
    Normal query is looks like following query
    SELECT * FROM accounts WHERE username=’admin’ AND password=’admin’
    analyze result for single quote

SQL Injection: By Pass Password without Username

Enter the following in the Username Textbox à ‘ or 1=1 —

Make sure you have put the space after the “–“, Click on the login button to continue

Notice on the mutillidae screen you are logged in as admin, because admin is the first user in account table.

Placing ‘ or 1=1 —  means, Search for the username that is either to equal nothing or 1=1. So, the condition 1=1 is always true, and the “–“ string is a comment in SQL statement. Whick make the comment of left SQL query ( AND password= ‘’), which manipulate the password authentication. Query looks like following,

SELECT * FROM accounts WHERE username=’’ or 1=1 — ’ AND password=’’
aurthorized by user namebox

Log Out from the admin user, just click on LogOut menu in the picture

SQL Injection: Single Quote Test On the Password Field:


  1. Click on the Login/Register.
    Put the name as admin
  2. Password field: Right Click and select Inspect Element
    inspect element
  3. Fire bug: Firebug bar will be open, String “password” is replaced with the word “text”, Minimize the firebug
    change password in text
  4. Apply true test to password Textbox. So fill following status,
    Name= ‘ or 1=1
    authentication throu password

Don’t forget to put a space after the “–“ click the login button.


It is a happy moment, you are logged in as Admin. @Logout session
loged in by admin

Obtain Access by SQL Injection: Single Quote Test:

Inspect Password Box Element

Click on Login/Register option.

Name: samurai

Password: Right Click and Select Inspect Element
inspect element

Edit the Following Element:

Replace the string “password” by “Text”

Replace string “20” with “50” within size and maxstrength.

Minimize or Close the firebug
authentication throu password

Apply the true statement by Password Textbox:

Name: Samurai

Password: ‘ or ‘ (1=1 and username=’samurai’) –

Don’t forget to put the space after the command

Click the login button to proceed.

Result: Notice you are logged on the application as Samurai than for SQL Injection.login with samurai

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