Learn about macchanger or MAC spoofing in Windows 10 & Linux complete guide

MODULE 11:- Sniffing and Spoofing

  1. Using Wireshark filter ip address and port in Kali Linux
  2. Learn about macchanger or MAC spoofing in Windows 10 & Linux
  3. Arp poising attack with ettercap tutorial in Kali Linux
  4. Kali Linux man in the middle attack tutorial step by step

In this article you will learn how to change mac address by MAC spoofing in Windows and Linux (ubuntu and Kali Linux ) manually and by macchanger software.


Scenario about MAC spoofing

MAC address is the unique identification of computer all over the world, and every devices been identify by its physical address in network, It doesn’t matter network is local or public. For your basic knowledge, i am telling you “When the data travel over network it consist MAC address value of destination device and source device as well“. Some person want to hide their device into the network by using mac spoofing method. It’s totally depend on the people why he want to hide himself?, for bad or good intention.

Why do you want to change mac ?

I don’t know, But I suggest you use for good work not for bad. Illegal work don’t have a long life.

 MAC spoofing in Windows 10

Change the physical address in Windows 10 and previous version is quite easy. Before go on the next step, I am going to tell you How to check MAC address in Windows 10? 

Open CMD (command prompt) and run following command

ipconfig /all

Step 2: Press Windows Key + X on keyboard and Click on network connections.

open netwok conections

Step 3: Choose adapter and right click on it, then click on properties.

choose adapter

Step 4: Click on Configure 

click on configure

New window will be popup, click on Advanced tab

Select Network address property in left hand side property bar.

Check on Value and fill the new MAC address value. and click on OK.
change mac address in windows 10

Now, Ethernet adapter will be reset and take a little bit to come in effect. So check again MAC address by using same command ipconfig /all


Note: This is temporary MAC spoofing so if you want to get your original Physical address just use reverse process. If you are not able to get again, write in a comment box.

MAC spoofing in Ubuntu by macchanger

You have seen in windows it is quite easy, but when you are going to change MAC address in Ubuntu or other linux you need a extra utility called macchanger. macchanger doesn’t exist in Ubuntu by default so you will have to install it first.

Step 1: Install macchanger in Ubuntu, open terminal and run following command.

$sudo apt-get install macchanger


At the time of installation it will ask about the running status of macchanger. Select yes for changing MAC address automatically to bring up network adapter otherwise select no. I suggest to select no so you can do it manually.


  Note: Make sure your repository should be added and have active internet connection.

Step 2: Check the current MAC address: you can use the following commands to check the mac Address:



$macchanger -s enp0s3

show the mac by macchanger

Here enp0s3 is the name of adapter, this adapter name you can find by using $ifconfig command.

Step 3: MAC spoofing, change the mac address by using macchanger utility, just executing following command.

$ sudo macchanger -m AA:AA:AA:AA:AA:AA enp0s3

change the mac address

here AA:AA:AA:AA:AA:AA is the value of new Address you can replace this value with new MAC address whatever you want to assign. and enp0s3 is name of interface.

STEP 4: check again mac spoofing done or not.


$macchanger -s enp0s3

check spoofed mac address

MAC spoofing in Kali Linux by macchanger

Whenever, I write article about doing some fun with Linux, I never forget Kali Linux, because it is most used Operating System by me. So I am going to tell about mac spoofing in Kali Linux.

macchanger utility is installed in Kali Linux by default, so you don’t need anymore to install it. and you can follow the same commands to check the mac address and change MAC address easily.

If you have still any question related mac changing, macchanger or mac spoofing, Please write in a comment box below.

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