Lifi May trump the Wifi

Lifi: Using light for data transferLifi

Lifi gets its jam from Visible light communication. That is, light is used to transfer data here rather then radio wave becoz you know Light is faster then radio…wave…I think or I making half this BS. Anyway, so light is used for data transmitting which makes a whole lot more faster then Wifi. and not JUST a bit fast, but a 100 times more fast.

Scientist have finally field tested this bitch and its worth cheating on Wifi. Now, this may change everythingonline. You know small things like faster downloads, more snapchats, more instagram and more useless twerps on the planet. Jokes aside, this can take us to a new information age.

An Estonian startup company called Velmenni chose to take the technology outside its office for Lifi’s field test to see how fast it is and GOOD GOLLY this thing is fast.

‘We are doing a few starting projects in different industries where we can utilize this Visible Light technology,”Velmenni’s CEO Deepak Solanki says.
“Currently we have designed a smart lighting solution for an industrial environment where the data communication is done through the light. We’re also doing a pilot project with a private client where we’re setting up a Li-Fi network to access the Internet in our office space.”

Who invented this technology?

In 2011, German physician called Herald Rass outlined the idea of using LED bulbs as wireless routers.He demonstrated that flickering of light can transmit data to a cellular towers. The guy who Intelligence is hidden behind kind of a serial killer look may very well have changed the way information is gathered. This thing is like a crack jackpot for hacker whether ethical or otherwise.HH_LiFi

To this I only got one thing to say to this WHAT AN IDEA SIRJI!! fallout char


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