Installing VirtualBox on Microsoft Windows 7 & 8

Installation Virtual Box on Window 0

Open the following link in web browser and make sure you typed exact similar as given. Link: select correct version according your Operating System and architecture. After the competing download, run excutable file of virtualBox. A welcome dialog box will be open, Click the Next button to continue process.

Note: In this tutorial I am going to share custom or advanced installation.

Click Next to continue


  1. Check on create shortcut on the desktop and Click on Next to proceed

  1. Click on Yes to proceed

  1. Click the install button. The next pop up window of UAC (Microsoft User Account Control) will appear, Click yes to proceed
  2. User have to install drivers in virtual box to intract with host machine’s hardware as displayed in figure. Click the install button to continue.
  3. After the installation completes, click the finish button.

Now installation process of Virtual box is completed. Start Oracle VM VirtualBox after installation.


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