Idiot’s guide to hacking.

So here we are back again with this new rendition ooooooofff……how to mess other’s people shit with this ‘IDIOTS GUIDE TO HACKING‘!! And NOT be this..THIS BELOW…..thing!

RULE 1: Find a PC and sit on it!

RULE 2: If you can’t find a PC. GET ONE or 

RULE 3: Learn programming:

What is programming?

In tech terms programming is creation of an semi-abstract usable operational data or if that’s boring for ya ‘SOFTWARE’. Everything single tiny worthless thing on your computer it actually nothing but programming. Its interactive of course but programming is what’s still going on behind the scene. Right now, press control+shift+i, you will see some really fine, not much understandable but specifically written shit. That shit is programming. Inspecting the elements of how this site works.

What’s bring used here on the site is HTML and CSS. <—these right here are web based programming languages. HTML for creation and CSS for making that creation look good like prepping up a hot model before she walks the ramp. Model is HTML and the make-up is the CSS.

Here are the web based programming languages that are hot these days:

  1. HTML 5        : This is kinda easy. Used for creating web pages
  2. CSS 3             : This too is kinda easy. used for making those webpages look good
  3. Javascript     : This thing too is mostly easy…but you can learn more to make things move on webpage with this. So protip, GIT GOOD in JavaScript!
  4. PHP               : NOT need to really git good for this. Used for storing stuff in a database and database creation.
  5. MySQL         : Also a database and HARD  so git good!

Now computer Programming languages you need to know about


  1. Batch               : Kinda easy,  created using Notepad(Don’t ask me THIS now) and saved as .bat extension. Small viruses for systems crash and shits and giggles.
  2. C++                  : Average at start. Hard as you go on. Hard as Fuck at the last parts.
  3. Python             : This one is easy. Or you should call a lazy language. The syntax are easy, logic is the only thing you should care about here
  4. Visual Basics  : Visual Basic is easy if you use visual studio.

There are more more advanced such as Java and others but they are mostly the derivative if these programs. Clearing the concept in the above programs makes for an easier hard learning(you see what I did there??)

That being said, if you really wanna try your hands at hack WITHOUT learning any of the above. There are softwares for your lazy asses out there.(I am being patronizing as fuck) that you can check out.

Programs that can help you HACK.

1. RAT                :      RAT or Remote Administration Tool as the name suggests is a Remote (from far) controlling tool. You PC once gets taken on by a RAT that its someone else’s bitch now . Present this program as one with an application that helps one find a girlfriend a lonely guy clicks and BAM!! Trojan get in the PC with control of each and every aspect of that guy’s PC. Atleast the important ones. Your mouse,your keyboard, your webcam, your harddisk everything that you love in your room is taken over by  Killgrave…uh!…I mean RAT (too much Jessica Jones). The RAT are further hidden behind encryptions that most Antivirus can’t even detect. At present, DarkComet is the free RAT available! Here, but be careful with this power!

   2. Key Logger: A key logger is software that records EVERY DAMN YOU HAVE EVER PRESSED and stores it in the text file. Useful for when you want to crack someone’s facebok password or Youtube password or instagram …password (PS. I may talk shit but I don’t condone any of this. The right to privacy should be protected). This can also be enabled using RAT. key logger can be of 2 types. software one that in stored in PC and hardware one. Like…THIS

The above one is very invasive and used by criminals mostly to a take up PIN numbers. And i ain’t telling ya where to buy this!

3.Brute force : This program brutally forces out the password that is right. It consists of several combination of username and numbers until the right password is found. You know kinda like THIS!



4.BOOTER:  A booter is used to DDosing (Distributive denial of service) for taking down websites. Coz you know?… We all want to just crush one person’s hardwork.

5. VPN Or Virtual Private Network: It is used to hide your IP if you wanna hide all the nasty shit you’ve been posting about your girlfriend/boyfriend online.


The above are some of the absolutely basic things about hacking or an ‘IDIOT’S’ guide. Trust me when i say this being an idiot here can give a better social life then ME! But for shits and giggles that is harm l……YEAH !! don’t do this

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