Http 2 for the new age?

What is http 2? Well.. take a wild guesshttp2-fast-websites

A new major version of http (duh?) and its second major update based on SPDY/2 to rev up that web performance to the point of awesome. HTTP/2 is developed by the http working group of IETF(Internet engineering task force) 

Why http 2?Google-Chrome-http-2-spdy

The http 1.1 was the previous update introduced to http about 15 years ago and it was a major upgrade move at the time. It allowed for persistent connection giving  more than one connection to the connections to one http (now threesome wasn’t just a dream on http), improved caching, new status code, heightened compression support, OPTION method for Cross Origin Resource Sharing (Fonts and other cool shit on the web pages you wanna make) in web application and much more big words that I don’t know much about. Now all these were just fine but web pages now are more complex coz they are just so many of them and in turn loading of these web pages is a pain in the arse. Multiplayer games are today’s generation’s beneficiaries of technology, So, its them we gotta consider.funny-old-gamer

HTTP allows for only 1 extra TCP connection. Causing many TCP’s to issue request all at once–>causes congestion–>causes unfair browser usage–> Causing a butt-load of duplicate data to be transferred–> Performance hurts.

All these issues prompted the industry to employ things like spriting (combining multiple images into one ), data inlining (removing duplicate shit! helps with saving space), concatenation(combining data adjacently) and domain sharding (Splitting your resource across multiple domains). These little hacks solve most of the problems on their own.

Now, HTTP/2  on the other hand uses a new awesome technique called Header Field Compression that I don’t know shit about…yet! Http/2 allows for multiple concurrent exchanges at one connection making a judicious network resources. It also compels representations from servers to clients and that’s always a plus…I think. One plus too is that it doesn’t effect the http 1.1’s syntax 

At a high level, HTTP/2:

  • Binary instead of text
  • Ain’t ordered or clocked but multiplexed
  • thus can provide with one connection for parallel operations
  • uses header compression to reduce overhead…whatever that means
  • compels servers to “push” responses proactively into client caches (Temporary memory storage for faster executions, for you not so brights out there)




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