Maximizing Security: How to Use VPN and TOR Together

How To Use TOR and VPN Together

How To Use VPN and TOR Together – Become Anonymous 

use tor and vpn together

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If you are looking for an extra layer for being anonymous on Internet, you will have to learn How To Use VPN and TOR Together. 

Today I am going to share ways of using VPN and TOR together for providing the best anonymously and privacy protection. As you know both network VPN and TOR use encrypted connections between destination to source. So don’t worry about data stolen, but if we talk about privacy then VPN providers promise to protect privacy rather than anonymity. In my last article, I described pros. And cons of VPN vs. TOR. Both of them has pros and cons. If you are looking to use VPN and TOR together, then read continue..

Short Notes on VPN and TOR

  • VPN is faster than TOR, and suitable for P2P downloading, and allow users spoof geolocation easily. but biggest drawback is providing privacy rather than anonymity. So you will have to trust on your service provider. It is possible that your VPN can monitor what are you doing on Internet.
  • TOR is painfully slower at the time of P2P downloading. It is slow and not suitable for P2P downloading (using BitTorrent). It is often blocked by websites, you can not visit those websites. The great feature is that it make you anonymous completely, so you don’t need to trust anyone.

Good news for you is that VPN and TOR can be used together, and it can be added an extra layer of security and privacy protection. The main back draw is using VPN and TOR together hit speed slow of both technologies. Surf internet anonymously …. But slow..

Here are two methods of using VPN and TOR together, and you will have to understand both manners connecting TOR through VPN and connecting to VPN through TOR..

Connecting TOR Through VPN

In this setting you connect first to your VPN service and then connect to the TOR network After you will access the internet:

Your Device -> VPN -> TOR -> Internet

tor through VPN

Some VPNs make this setup quite easy, when you connecting TOR through VPN the IP address of the TOR network exit node will appear on the internet. If someone will try to trace you back he will get only the exit node’s IP address.

Pros of TOR through VPN:

  • You ISP will never identify that you are using TOR, even he will know that you are using VPN.
    The entry node of TOR network will not see your true IP address, because you will connect to TOR through VPN so it will get VPN’s IP address not yours.
  • Allows users to access TOR hidden services.

Cons of TOR through VPN:

  • VPN providers know your real IP address.
  • No protection from malicious activity on exit nodes, because non-https incoming and outgoing traffic from exit nodes is not encrypted and can be monitored.
    Exit nodes are often blocked in TOR network.
  • TOR bridge (Obfsproxy) can be effective for hiding tor traffic from ISP, It can be detected with deep packet inspection.

Important Note: Some VPN providers offer connecting TOR through VPN with the help of OpenVPN configuration for example NordVPN, TOR VPN. This configuration file routes your traffic from OpenVPN to TOR. In this case, your entire connection get benefits from the TOR service.
You can maximize security when connecting and using TOR through VPN, it is recommended always use TOR browser.


Connecting VPN through TOR

This configuration involves connecting first to TOR network, and then VPN server to the internet.

Your Device -> Encrypt with VPN -> TOR -> VPN -> Internet

vpn through tor

Some VPN providers support this setting for example AirVPN and BolehVPN. You have to configure your VPN client to work with the TOR network. VPN server’s IP address will be your IP address on the internet.

Pros of VPN through TOR:

  • VPN provider can not see your real IP address because you connect to the VPN server through TOR network. TOR exit node IP address will be your real IP address for VPN. If you use anonymous payment like bitcoin, your VPN server never identify you, even VPN keeps log.
  • Protection from Malicious at tor exit nodes. All traffic is encrypted by the VPN client software before entering into TOR network, So browsing http websites can not be monitored on exit node. Although your data is encrypted so ISP can not able to get what are you doing on the internet.
  • Bypass all blocks on exit node.
  • Allow you to choose server location as per your desire.
  • All the internet network will be routed through TOR.

Cons of VPN through TOR

  • VPN provider can monitor your internet traffic but has no way to connect to you.
  • Vulnerable for end-to-end-timing attack.

So Which is better?

You have read about both VPN through TOR and TOR through VPN, Now you can decide which one is helpful for you. If you are not able to choose right for you, then continue reading this post.
If you are looking for anonymity then VPN through TOR is better, neither your VPN nor ISP will know what are you doing on the internet and who are you. It also provides protection against malicious tor exit nodes. And provide you an extra layer of security.

Even your VPN is compromised and steal all data, the hacker will get your true identity and can not monitor you.

TOR through VPN means your traffic can be monitored by a VPN provider, and he knows very well who are you.

Always use VPN through TOR.
Be anonymous!

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