Complete Guide to Using HTTrack Website Copier in Kali Linux

How to use httrack website copier command line

Testing any website for vulnerability is very risky, it may sent you behind the jail. But you can do it easily by using httrack website copier tool

In this tutorial I am using httrack on my Kali Linux virtual machine I will describe all the steps I followed

As you know Hackers are looking for the vulnerability on website but some they find and some time not, But in other hand security researcher are using techniques to catch hackers red handed on crime place.

So hackers and Pentester copy the website first on local computer and start looking on code and try to find vulnerability.  In this techniques they use tool name httrack. In this tutorial I will describe how to use httrack website copier.  

How to download httrack website copier tool

HTTrack is a free (GPL, libre/free software) and easy-to-use offline browser utility.
This is a tool download website for offline on your computer’s local directory, for testing purposes. It copies web pages one by one on the local directory.

If you are thinking to test a website for security purposes, it is recommended to download the website on your local server. Setup a local web server and start accessing the website like a real server. Now your local server has been created using it for finding vulnerabilities on the website. better luck!

Here one more thing I want to share with you that Httrack doesn’t come with Kali Linux. if you are a Kali Linux user then it is a problem, but not big. Httrack’s Linux available to download and install, So you can make it available on Kali Linux easily.

Download link

Install Httrack on Kali Linux

I think you are aware with the Advance package tool (APT), it is used to install, remove, reinstall packages on Debian based Operating system like Kali Linux and Ubuntu. So here I am using apt-get to install httrack. before start installation, we should update apt in Kali Linux for new headers. Execute the following command:

$ sudo apt-get update

$sudo apt-get install httrack

Start a Project to download website

You have to download httrack, Now it’s time for a new project. Here I am going to download my own website So first create a directory with the project name.

I am downloading my introduction website as mentioned link above

$mkdir vijay

How to use httrack website copier – step by step guide

Use the following command in the terminal.

  • $httrack
  • Enter Project Name: cyberpratibha vijay
  • Enter base path: /home/vijay/vijay (where do you want to download the website)
  • Enter URL: (Website Url)
  • Select an option and start mirroring website:

Video tutorial for how to use httrack website copier 

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